Birthday: 26-04-1963
Age: 56
Star sign: Taurus

Often called as the “Pretty Boy from Beijing.” Famous in his character name first as “Akhbar” and “Han” eventually in tandem with posthumous act of Aaliyah in “Romeo Must Die” where his character was an escaped convicted police from Beijing to claim his vengeance for the death of his brother. Born as Li Lianjie on April 26th 1963 Beijing, China. In his early life, Li’s father died leaving them with financial struggles. He joined the Wushu Team to compete and he got 15 gold medals and a silver medalist for the championship. 

He made his debut film in the 1982 martial arts movie “Shaolin Temple.” This was followed in 1983 movie “Kids From Shaolin.” He went back in 1986 for 2 movies entitled “Born to Defence” and “Martial Arts of Shaolin.” He added 2 movies in 1986 entitled “Dragon Fight and as “Jet” for the movie “ The Master.” He gained more respect after he showcased a fight using ladder in the movie “Once Upon a Time in China” in 1991. He was most rewarded as a true expert in martial arts fight in cinematic history. He made an enormous stunt as he blind folded his eyes and beat hundred men in the movie “Swords Man II.” Aside from Wushu he was dubbed to be the “Tai Chi Master” in his 1993 thrilling movie. He gained the popularity pretty boy when he acted as a top bodyguard for the 1994 “The Bodyguard from Beijing.” Their fight was commended also for having unique stunt over tap water. He made a gas leak and they have to hurry beat one another before they get befuddled with gas fumes. He was also applauded for the movie “Fist of Legend” as he tried to resetting his dislocated arm root. He also worked with Mel Gibson and Danny Roman for the “Lethal Weapon 4” as unstoppable assassin. He made a dynamic act in his dual-character, good and bad with Jason Statham in sci-fi parallel universe for the 2001 movie “The One.”

He also made his infamous ending-kill in the “Kiss of the Dragon” with Bridget Fonda. He also acts as the nameless swordsman to protect emperor in the movie “ Hero” in 2002. He defied gravity in this movie as known to be larger than “Matrix” slow-motion stunts. He also made his famous bathroom brawl in the 2005 movie “Unleashed.” Their most awaited tandem Li and Jackie Chan in the movie “Forbidden Kingdom.” He also worked as the Dragon Emperor for the movie “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.” We cannot forget his conventional transformation; from serious acts to comedic genre in the franchise-blockbuster movie “Expendables” as “Yin Yang.”

Leonardo DiCaprio English Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s one of the most searched icons in the web for having good looks. He’s more than just a pretty face, he is one of the prime actors of all time. He was known for his box office high profile movies and considered to be a Hollywood royalty. Born as Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio November 11th 1974 in California - U.S. He studied in their community school John Marshall High School and Seeds Elementary School.He made his debut film in 1991 “Critters 3” as Josh. This was followed by 1992 movie “Poison Ivy.” He made additional films in 1993 entitled “This Boy’s Life” and as Arnie Grape in his career defining and revolutionary role as a mentally disabled child “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” He depicted eccentric mannerisms of true mentally challenged person. He made the intriguing and shocking performance as a teenager feel into addiction and prostitution “The Basketball Diaries” in 1995. Before anything else he mustered his acting skills in Shakespeare’s “Romeo + Juliet” in 1996.“I am the king of the world!” this could be his infamous script from the long-time blockbuster hit “Titanic” in 1997 as adventurous Jack Dawson. He made a radical – dual - character in the long played “The Man in the Iron Mask” in 1998 as King Louis XIV and Philippe. After the release of RMS Titanic, he gained more popularity as the “Sex Symbol” and became “girl-magnet” as a teenage life-profile thief in the movie “Catch Me If You Can” with Tom Hanks. He blatantly shocked the movie industry in Martin Scorsese’s bio-film “The Aviator” in 2004 as an obsessive-compulsive character. DiCaprio and Scorsese became best tandem and had another film as an undercover cop and never seen act with Matt Damon in the movie “The Departed.” He made movie in the same year playing the character of a covetous tangled in diamond quarrying struggle in “Blood Diamond.” He made movie in 2014 called “Virunga” and his 2015 movie “The Revenant” as Hugh Glass.He also portrayed “J. Edgar” in 2011, a Clint Eastwood bio-film using plasters-prosthetics and false teeth that many were not so convinced that he will play his character well. The movie ended up a staggering blockbuster. He also played the visually-distinct sci-fi-action movie “Inception.” He made another revolutionary act in the entertaining story of “The Wolf of Wall Street” and justified his character in the movie “The Great Gatsby.” He received countless awards from Critic’s Choice, MTV Movie Awards, People’s Choice and 2 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor. He was also a devoted environmentalist putting his elevated status in proper use.


Nicolas Cage

“You know I can eat peaches for hours…” This is one of his famous lines from his iconic role in the movie “Face/Off.” He is a legendary actor from Hollywood and most known for his mind-blogging acts in the portrayal of any character. He is known as one of the most fertile actors and commonly known for his fascinations with haunted places.Born California – U.S. as Nicolas Kim Coppola on January 7th 1964. He is the son of a literature professor and mother a dance choreographer. He had 2 siblings named Marc and Christopher.  He is now married with Alice Kim in 2004 with 2 children. He studied at Beverly Hills High School and UCLA School of Theater.He made his debut film “Best of Times” in 1981 and followed in 1982 for the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” He made 2 additional movies in 1983 entitled “Valley Girl” and “Rumble Fish.” He gave additional performance in his 3 movies in 1984 naming “Racing with the Moon”, the crime-drama movie “The Cotton Club”, and drama film “Birdy.” He starred as a mentally ill-man bitten by vampire in 1989 movie “Vampire’s Kiss.” Culminated a character with crazy behavior and temper problems in 1993 movie “Deadfall.” Who will ever forget his opening credits for the movie “Face/Off?” As a terrorist he disguised as a priest, so moved with a church song making head spin, with deranged swag moves and at the end making dirty moves with one choir member. Him and John Travolta was so commended in this movie that they both played characters turning from bad to good and vice versa. They became famous in Trisha Yearwood’s song hit “How Do I Live” as their soundtrack in “Con Air.” Starring John Cusack and John Malkovich. He played the role of a Veteran Ranger, court martialed and convicted for defending his self and pregnant girlfriend to the bullies. As over ruled by the court, he’s considered to be deadly as a highly trained officer and US personnel. The story evolved hanging out with the deranged, mentally ill, naughty and crazy hijackers. He also played the role of an outstanding non-field FBI agent in the movie “The Rock” with Sean Connery. Starred in the film “The bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” as a bad addicted cop. He made franchise movie entitled “National Treasure: The Templar’s Treasure” and “Book of Secrets.” He made a great depiction of a medieval sorcerer in the movie “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in 2010. He fought the veil in his horror-thriller-action film “Season of the Witch” in 2011. This was then followed rising from hell to save his only grandchild from the cult being sacrificed and as offer to devil in the movie “Drive Angry.” He is the man behind the dare-devil motorcyclist and alter-ego “Ghost Rider” in 2007 and 2012. He made a critically acclaimed movie “Joe” in 2013, voice talent for the animated film “The Croods”, 2013 movie “Frozen Ground’, American thriller movie “The Dying of the Light” and 2014 movie “Outcast.” He made also the crime thriller “Rage” and movies in 2015 “The Runner” and as Mike Cole in the movie “Pay the Ghost.” He received Best Actor Award from Academy and Golden Globe in 1995 for the movie “Leaving Las Vegas” and numerous nominations throughout his film career.

Nicolas Cage English Actor