Dileep Rao English Actor

A game winner turned actor. He is Dileep, a native India-origin but successfully landed on James Cameron’s Avatar Click to look into! >> Read More... Avatar and received multiple nominations as a starter. Born on July 29, 1973 as Dileep A. Rao in Los Angeles, California. He appeared in some television episodes and major films. Dileep came with high standard family. His father is an engineer, his mother is a physicist and her sister is a full-time professor at the New York University. Adding to that, he finished Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, San Diego in 1995 and also Master of Fine Arts from American Conservatory Theater.

Same with other immigrants, he and his family made a lot of travelling from different countries. From Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, to Denver, to California. He worked for South Coast Repertory and Manhattan Theater Club. In his early career, he made tons of edition, and nothing but audition. He made few 1-2 lines in some of the television episodes but never had a major brake. Instead he did everything and ended up joining a game show “Jeopardy.” On June 7, 2002 he won $34,000 and bagged it home. He was miraculously selected also in 1600 entries to join NPR Weekend Edition Sunday puzzle.

With his great perseverance and doesn’t know to give up, he is now known as one of the extremely high-paid actors ranking with and Lee Unkrich. He first premiered in “Indian Ink.” He appeared as Ram Jas in the horror movie “Drag Me to Hell” and “Avatar” as Dr. Max Patel in 2009. He later appeared in the critically acclaimed and star-studded movie “ Inception Click to look into! >> Read More... Inception ” where he received nominations as “best Ensemble” from Central Ohio Film Critics Association, Phoenix Film Critics Society, Scream Award and Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association. He had also few TV Roles for Standoff in 2006, Brothers and Sisters in 2008 and Touch in 2013. He has his latest films titled “Murder of A Cat” in 2014.