He is known to be one of the actors that possess precise acting abilities. He is known as Edward Norton, a renowned filmmaker, activist and actor. Born as Edward Harrison Norton on August 18, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. First appeared diligently in the movie “Primal Fear”, as story of an altar boy accused of murdering a priest alongside Richard Gere Richard Gere is an American actor, known for his o >> Read More... Richard Gere , followed right away by a pornography publisher that became a free speech activist in the movie “The People vs. Larry Flint.”

He starred also with Matt Damon He’s known to be the “Hollywood Golden Boy” as he >> Read More... Matt Damon and John Malkovich John Malkovich is an eminent and award-winning act >> Read More... John Malkovich in “Rounders”, a story of a man that helps his friend to pay loan sharks by joining high bets poker game. He starred as Derek Vinyard in the movie “American History X”, a story of a former nazi loyalist that tries to stop his brother from going through wrong paths like what he did. He also starred as Father Brian in the 2000 movie “Keeping Faith” followed by the story of a veteran thief that was convinced to do his last heist in the movie “The Score” with Robert DeNiro. Followed by the demented story of the “ Tooth Fairy Click to look into! >> Read More... Tooth Fairy ” as a blood both psychopath killer in the continuation of Hannibal Lecter movie “Red Dragon.” He reevaluates his mistakes and journey in life before sentenced to jail as a captured drug dealer in the movie “25th Hour” alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman This man is one of the best actor and known for hi >> Read More... Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rosario Dawson.

He made another gold heist plan in the movie “The Italian Job” with Mark Wahlberg One of the multi-awarded youngest and finest star; >> Read More... Mark Wahlberg and Donald Sutherland Donald McNichol Sutherland is a Hollywood actor wh >> Read More... Donald Sutherland , followed in 2005 as King Baldwin IV in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven.” Appeared as Eisenheim in the story of magician that wants to win love with his magical abilities in the movie “ The Illusionist Click to look into! >> Read More... The Illusionist ”, he played a good role as a husband to unfaithful wife and a dedicated doctor that will fight outspread of cholera in the movie “The Painted Veil”, become the successor as Dr. Banner alter ego the green monster that runs from the government in the 2008 movie “The Incredible Hulk.” In his list of movies includes “Pride and Glory”, as Bill Kincaid in the 2010 movie “Leaves of Grass”, as Gerald in the movie “ Stone Click to look into! >> Read More... Stone ” as Scout Master Ward in the 2012 movie “ Moonrise Kingdom Click to look into! >> Read More... Moonrise Kingdom .” He made an intimidating Eric Byer that hunts down and secures information for the movie “ The Bourne Legacy Click to look into! >> Read More... The Bourne Legacy ” with Rachel Weisz She’s one of the acclaimed and well-received actre >> Read More... Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner An independent film prowess that transcended from >> Read More... Jeremy Renner , and as Henckels in the movie “ The Grand Budapest Hotel Click to look into! >> Read More... The Grand Budapest Hotel ”, as Mike Shiner in the story of a man that struggles with his career and family to bring it back to his life in the movie “ Birdman Click to look into! >> Read More... Birdman .”

Patrick Swayze English Actor

Patrick Swayze

Dubbed as the one and only “Miracle Man” and pronounced to be the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1991. He is a renowned graceful dancer and talented actor. Long before “Step Up” and the known rest of the movies with the same genre, he made it first. For this, he made Hollywood history that dance acts can be a great focus in movies. Born as Patrick Wayne Swayze on August 18, 1952 in Houston Texas.  He first appeared as Ace Johnson in the 1979 movie “Skatetown, U.S.A”, followed by 1983 movie “Uncommon Valor” as Kevin Scott, he made a very compelling act in the story of gangs colliding after one of their member got killed in the movie “The Outsiders.” He continued to reigned TV series and movies in the early 1980. He made a big stardom when he starred in the blockbuster movie hit “Dirty Dancing.” A story of a young lady meets low-profile dance instructor and defied their forbidden love. He also landed in the story of destructed world terrorized by a vicious group that controls the supply of water in the movie “Steel Dawn”, followed by “Tiger Warsaw”, and as a cop that took law in his hands to find the killer of his brother with Liam Neeson in the movie “Next of Kin.” He was tasked to play the role as a bouncer that will prevent problems inside the bar in the movie “Road House.”He rattled the world and Hollywood history again in his blockbuster and beloved movie “Ghost.” This was known to be the first movie before “Titanic” hit cinemas. A story of a man killed brought by his best friend because of greed, unfinished business that gave him chance to be a ghost and used Whoopi Goldberg character as their messenger, alongside Demi Moore.  He starred with Keanu Reeves in the movie “Point Break”, a story of a cop that hunts down surfers as the suspects in a bank robbery, including the movies “City of Joy” and “Father Hood” in 1993. He also starred and nominated for Best Actor in the movie “Three Wishes” as jack McCloud, as Race Darnell in the movie “Letters from a Killer”, and as Jack Crews for the 1998 movie “Black Dog”, a story of ex-convict that was task to drive a truck not knowing that the vehicle contains different package.In the early 2000, he continuously receives major roles for movies including “Forever Lulu”, as Jim Cunningham in the movie “Donnie Darko”, as Jim Lance in “Green Dragon”, as Roy Kirkendall in “Waking Up Reno”, as Travis MacPhearson that was directed by his wife in 2003 movie “One Last Dance”, and appeared as dance instructor in the prequel of his movie “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.” He returned hitting cinemas as a knight that becomes legend after bringing down a dragon in the movie “George and the Dragon.” He also starred as legend Allan Quatermain in the movie “King Solomon’s Mines.”Gave another great performance in “Keeping Mum” as Lance, as Jason Monk in the 2005 movie “Icon”, made voice talent for “The Fox and the Hound 2”, as Richard in the 2007 movie “Jump!”, as Wayne Saunders in “Christmas in Wonderland”, as Velvet Larry in the 2009 movie “Powder Blue”, and finally appeared as Charles Barker in the TV series “The Beast.” He rattled again the world when he loosed his fight when he died on September 14, 2009 caused by the pain of pancreatic cancer.


Ed Harris

One of the most refined and legendary actors in Hollywood industry. Known for his sharp and intimidating characters he portrayed. Born as Edward Allen Harris on November 28, 1950 in New Jersey, USA. First appeared in the TV series followed by his debut film “The Rockford Files” as Officer Kempner. Throughout the late years of 1970 to 1980, he gambled through different roles in the movies “Creepshow” as Hank and “Knight Riders” as Billy. He was remembered as John Glenn in the 1983 story of Mercury 7 astronauts in the movie “The Right Stuff” later got his nomination for the movie “Jacknife” as David. He portrayed the character of Virgil in the 1989 movie “The Abyss” when they met an aquatic alien creature while searching for missing nuclear submarine. He made another compelling act in the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross”, and joined the ranks of Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman in twisted dark sided law agency in “The Firm.” He made his Best Supporting Actor award in the 1995 movie “Nixon”, followed by the blockbuster story of astronauts inside a space shuttle badly damaged and need to land it safely in the movie “Apollo 13.” He played in his award winning movie “Just Cause” as Blair Sullivan, and as the rogue Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel that fights for the unsung heroes of marines in the battle field and held hostages in Alcatraz and threatened government to launch missile attack in the movie “The Rock” alongside Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. He rattled Hollywood alongside Jim Carry in their award winning movie “The Truman Show”, he made a biographical film about an American painter in the movie “Pollock”, became one of the imaginary friends of John Nash in the award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind.” He also become the sharpshooter Major Konig archenemy of Vassilli in the movie “Enemy at the Gates”, also starred as Richard Brown in the movie “The Hours”, as Miles Roby in the acclaimed 2005 movie “Empire Falls”, starred in the story of a kind man become a hero that affects his family in the movie “A History of Violence” alongside Viggo Mortenssen.He starred as Eddie Lorenzo in the movie “Cleaner”, followed by his destructive exposition that his great grandfathers must be part of history in the movie “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” as Mitch Wilkinson, as Virgil in the movie “Appaloosa” and hardly missed any gigantic movies that he landed a role throughout the years. He starred as John McCain a biographical story during elections in the movie “Game Change”, starred as Wilford in the movie “Snowpiercer”, he became one of the survivors after a failed climate change experiment that engulfed Earth with snow and inequality happened. Starred in the movie “Sweetwater”, as Tom in the movie “The Face of Love”, as Roy in the movie “Frontera”, as Cymbeline in the all-out war story of corrupt cops, gang and drug lord in the movie “Cymbeline.” Starred with Liam Neeson in a story of a man that needs to save his son and his best friend in the movie “Run All Night”, and starred in the movie “Westworld.”

Ed Harris English Actor