George, born on May 14 1944, grew up in Modesto, California. His parents were Dorthy Ellinore Lucas and George Walton Lucas Sr. In his early days, he was highly interested in cars and car racing. However, it declined after an accident. George was also fascinated by 8mm and 16mm cameras and began capturing images and video. He also watched some movies from different backgrounds and genres and developed great interest in it. He married Monica in 1969, and they adopted a daughter, Amanda.

Soon they got divorced and as a single parent, he adopted two more children. After Monica, he got into a relationship with Linda Ronstadt and Mellody Hobson, whom he later married. They have a daughter Everest Hobson Lucas. Work: Ever since a young age, George had developed interest in pure cinema, cinematography, and abstract films. He prefers being called a filmmaker instead of a director. He interned with Warner Bros and then began his company; Lucasfilms Ltd. He directed his first movie under this banner; American Graffiti. Next was , which was a gross hit. His first two films were enough for him to gain worldwide recognition. Over the next two decades, he wrote and produced some works for TV, media and movies.

Some of his successful works include; Indiana Jones, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Kagemusha, Body Heat, Labyrinth and much more. A part of the computer division of Lucasfilms Ltd. Helped co-found Pixar. In 2012, he declared retirement from blockbusters but continued working on smaller ones. George then sold his company to Disney. Awards: He has been nominated and won some awards in various cateh=gories that include; Best Director, Best Writer, Best Sci-fi fiction, Worst Director, etc. His 1st nomination was like the Best Director for American Graffiti, and the most recent one was for Best Writing for Star Wars 3.