Winston Chao English Actor
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Winston, born on 19th June 1960 is an actor. Winston is a Taiwanese actor working for both; TV and films. He is a native of Yantai, Shandong, China. He has an older brother Wen Qi Chao He has a large variety of work to his credit. He has been working in the industry for the past 19 years and has a long list of work attached to his name.

He had his hands in different kinds of the genre such as; Romance, Comedy, Drama, History, War, Comedy-romance, Comedy-dramas, etc. Winston first got recognition for his role in the movie The Wedding Banquets. Following which, he did many plausible roles. Some these include Red Rose White Rose, Eat Drink Man Woman, The Soong Sisters, 1911, five portrayals of Sun Yat Sen and a lot more. Some of the TV shows he has been a part of include; Thunderstorm, Palace of Desire, Eileen Change, Da Tanh Fu Rong Yuan, Confucius and many more. In total, Winston Chao has worked in 24 movies from 1993-2015 and 35 TV serials from 1996-2015.