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Kiff Vanden Heuvel is a well known American actor from Michigan in the United States of America. He has done supportive roles in many films, and he made his performances in plays. Kiff has been working with a theater namely “Second City Detroit” from the year 1998. His career as a Voice Over artist begun when first he played his grandfather’s recording rig. He got his graduation from “Calvin College” which is a famous college in Grand Rapids of Michigan. In 1998, Kiff’s father was suffering from kidney failure, and he donated one of his kidneys to his father. Kiff made his appearance in “The Walking Dead” which is a most famous American drama television series of Horror genre. Under the production of Netflix, Kiff made his appearance in the series “ Richie Rich American Sitcoms are famous for their interesting >> Read More... ” as the dad of Richie Rich.

This Television Series released in the year 2015 which ran successfully and got good reviews. He played a vital role by giving his voice in the Video Game “Bioshock Infinite” as Father Zachary Hale Comstock who is the main antagonist, who rules Columbia through his foundation in the game series. He has given his voice for more than 50 actors, singers and cartoon characters. He played a role as an editor in the film “NightCrawler.”

Kiff has also made his appearance on NBC television’s series “Parks and Recreation” which is an American political comedy which got telecasted during 2009 to 2015.He also made his appearance in a prank show namely “Fameless” for TruTV which got hosted by David Spade who is a celebrity in America. Kiff got married to Cherri Lynne in the year 2001 and had a daughter. Kiff is hosting a podcast called “All Over Voice Over.” He did a role in the show Cooper Barrett’s Guide in the year 2016. Although there are many hurdles in Kiff’s life, he is maintaining a successful career, by exploring new ventures frequently in the rolling period.

The Experience he obtained from the theater, helped him a lot to move towards his goals. He keeps himself engaged in activities and creates an opening for his nurtured talents. He has his website, where his works are updated and available for viewers. Hardworking by nature, he has an excellent and proven track record. People from various fields can see his career graph to take it as an example for them to grow.


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