Joe Swanberg was born in Detroit, Michigan on 31st August 1981. Joe is a multi-talented person. He is an Actor, Producer and is also a world-class Director. Joe doesn’t make high budgeted movies, and he maintains a low profile and uses various film-making techniques to make movies on a very small budget. He attended Naperville Central High School from where he had his graduation and later joined Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he chose his major in films and earned his degree from the University in 2003.

Soon after his graduation, Joe directed his first feature movie in 2005,”Kissing on the Mouth” based on the modern condition of the society where people are just looking for physical needs to fulfill their body needs with no intentions of anything further. Joe’s 2nd movie, “LOL” was based on the modern life of teenagers. The story is about three graduates involved with the social media. One of them continues to watch his laptop’s screen while having sex with his girlfriend and his friends are involved in a cellular relationship and the other guy is trapped inside the walls of the virtual chat rooms ultimately destroying the chances of having a real girlfriend. Joe’s movies are always been based on the issues that teenagers face in the modern world where he focuses on the concept of sex, relationships, etc. and their definition and importance in the new era.

Joe directed many feature movies and had also produced many but besides being a director and producer he has also acted in many films. Joe debuted in his directorial debut and later was cast in “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever”, Blackmail Boys, You Won’t Miss Me, Paintbrush, etc. Joe directed and produced “ Digging for Fire Click to look into! >> Read More... Digging for Fire .” It is the story of a family who finds a bone and a gun in the backyard of their new house, and after finding such mysterious items, they continue digging in the hope to find an answer and ultimately involve a lot of friends and end up finding a bag of bones, a ring, and a human hand.

The movie ends with them leaving the house with a mystery. Joe has also directed many TV series which includes Easy, Love and Win it All. Joe has been an inspiring director. His concepts and idea of filmmaking is very different from the mainstream film-makers. He throws the spotlight on the life of today’s generation of kids.

Another Version Of This Bio:

Born in Detroit, Michigan and brought in Alabama and Georgia, Joe Swanberg is an American self-governing movie director, producer, writer, and actor, who is considered to be a renowned personality in the mumblecore (a subset of independent films which is characterized by natural acting and dialogue) film movement. He is also best remembered for his minimal budget movies, which are mostly based on subjects like, familial associations, sex, cinematography, etc.

Joe did his schooling at Naperville Central High School and further, joined Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, majoring in filmmaking and acquiring a Bachelor’s degree successfully. His immersion into this industry was with the debut movie directed by him called, “Kissing on the Mouth”; after that, it was another movie named, “LOL.” His next creation was a collaboration with Greta Gerwig The full name of Greta Gerwig is Greta Celeste Ger >> Read More... Greta Gerwig called, “Hannah Takes the Stairs” in the year 2007, and it was the first tie-up with the animator, Kent Osborn.

Another one of his partnership deals with Gerwig was “Nights and Weekends” in the year 2008. Another movie by Swanberg was “Alexander the Great”, which was produced by Noah Baumbach Born in the year 1969, Noah Baumbach is the son of >> Read More... Noah Baumbach . For the rest of the year of 2009, Joe directed the movie, “Silver Bullets”, after which came the year 2010, which was the auspicious year of seven feature films by him namely, “Uncle Kent”, “Caitlyn Plays Herself”, “The Zone”, “Art History”, “Silver Bullets”, “Privacy Settings”, and “Autoerotic”. Out of these seven, “Uncle Kent premiered at the “Sundance Film Festival” in the year 2011. “Drinking Wilde” casting Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde was born on March 10th, 1984 in NewYo >> Read More... Olivia Wilde , Anna Kendrick Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anna Kendrick , and Ron Livingston was directed by him in the year 2012.

The next year, there was another creation by him called, “Happy Christmas,” which premiered at the “Sundance Film Festival” in the year 2014. His next film was called, “Digging for Fire” and premiered at the “Sundance Film Festival” in the year 2015. Joe Swanberg is crucially about film distribution over the internet and it doesn’t come as a surprise to us to know that he put his feature film, “Marriage Material” over the internet for free (Vimeo page).