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English Director David Lean
  • DOB : 25-03-1908
  • Date of death: 16-04-1991
  • Lived For : 82 Years
  • Star Sign : Aries
  • Gender : Male
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David Lean is a renowned English film editor, screenwriter, producer, and director, known for his notable works in epic films like the 1957 British-American film, The Bridge on the River Kwai; the 1962 historical drama film, Lawrence of Arabia; and the 1965 romantic drama film, Doctor Zhivago. He is also popular for the film adaptation of Charles Dickens The world-renowned British writer and social criti >> Read More... Great Expectations Click to look into! >> Read More... (1946), Oliver Twist (1948), and the British film, Brief Encounter (1945). Lean was born on March 25, 1908, in Croydon, Surrey, England to Helena Tangye and Francis William le Blount Lean, who are both members of Quakers. Lean studied at Leighton Park School in Reading and had worked as an apprentice to his father’s accountancy office. At the age of 10, his uncle gifted him a Brownie box camera. During that time, it is unusual to give a camera to a boy below 16. Since then, photography has been his great hobby. When he turned 16, his father left them for another woman. When bored at his work, Lean usually spent his evenings in the cinema until his aunt told him to look for a job he enjoyed doing. He then went to Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, where he worked as a tea boy, clapper boy and until he earned the position of third assistant director.

During the 30s, he worked as Newsreel’s Editor and later began his first feature films, Freedom of the Seas in 1934 and Paul Czinner’s Escape Me Never in 1935. Lean has also edited Gabriel Pascal’s British films, Pygmalion, and Major Barbara. He is also the editor of the war drama films, 49th Parallel and 'One of Our Aircraft is Missing', during the 40s. In 1968, he received the Guild of British Film Editors honorary membership. His first directorial film was in collaboration with English director, Noel Coward, in the patriotic war film, In Which We Serve in 1942. Later, he adapted many of the director’s plays into successful movies such as This Happy Breed, Blithe Spirit, and Brief Encounter. This was followed by two noted adaptations of Charles Dickens such as Great Expectations and Oliver Twist. Both films were his first directorial venture that stars Alec Guinness, whom he considered as his good luck charm. In 1949, he directed the romantic drama film, The Passionate Friends, which was an adaptation of the H.G. Wells’ The Passionate Friends.

This film features Ann Todd, who later became his wife (3rd). In 1950, he helmed Madeleine, which is based on the life of Madeleine Smith, which stars Ann Todd. Lean’s last film with Todd was the 1952 British film, The Sound Barrier, which was written by Terence Rattigan. In 1954, he did a romantic comedy film entitled Hobson’s choice, which is based on Harold Brighouse’ play of the same name. In 1955, he directed the American-British film, Summertime, which features Katherine Hepburn. Lean started to release films very rarely, but once he does, it is expected to be larger and released extensively all over the world. In 1957, he directed the WWII epic film, The Bridge in the River Kwai, which is based on Pierre Boulle’s novel. It became a top-grosser in the year 1957 and won several awards at the Academy Awards. In 1962, the epic historical drama film, Lawrence of Arabia, was released, written by Robert Bolt. Lean got his second Best Director award at the 35th Academy Awards. He also got the same award at the Golden Globe. His biggest success happened in the year 1965 with the British-American epic romantic drama film, Doctor Zhivago, which stars Omar Sharif Omar Sharif was an actor who had left an indelible >> Read More... and Julie Christie. As of the year 2015, it continued to be one of the highest grossing films of all time, taking the 8th position. He also helmed some of the scenes in George Stevens’ The Greatest Story Ever Told. The long awaited epic romantic drama film, Ryan’s Daughter, was finally released in 1970. During the late 1970s until 1980, he collaborated with Robert Bolt in the film adaptation of Richard Hough’s Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian. The film should be released in 2-parts; The Lawbreakers and The Long Arm, but Lean was unable to find a financial backing for the two since Warner Bros. withdrew from the film.

He then planned to merge the two and make a 7-part TV series. More setbacks arise after Bolt had a serious stroke and could not continue writing. He then decided to renounce the project, but at the last moment, Mel Gibson Mel Gibson is an American multitalented filmmaker >> Read More... acquired the project and eventually, it was released as The Bounty, helmed by Gibson’s friend, Roger Donaldson. In 1984, Lean directed the drama film, A Passage to India, which is based on E.M. Forster’s novel of the same name. This is the last project that he completed as a director. During his last years, he worked in the production of Nostromo, which will star Marlon Brando Born on April 3, 1924, in Nebraska, U. S, Marlon B >> Read More... , Peter O’Toole, Anthony Quinn, and more. Lean got married six times and had divorced for five times. Norman Spencer, his co-writer, revealed that Lean is a womanizer, who had a thousand women in his life. He has a son named Peter from his first wife, Isabel Lean. His last marriage was with Sandra Cooke. He died on April 16, 1991, at the age of 83 due to throat cancer.


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