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Born on 3rd July in 1971, Eric Toledano is a French Dialogue writer, screenwriter and director. He was born in Paris while his parents belonged to Meknes in Morocco. Eric’s father worked in the Administrative Department of High Moroccan Administration as a Technocrat. He later moved to Paris and started working for the France Foreign Trade Center where Eric was born. Eric also has a sister who is a Gastroenterologist in Paris and an Older Brother. He was raised in the Versailles in Paris where he spent a very joyful youth in the warm and friendly environment.

In Versailles, he was taught in a Catholic Atmosphere during high school which he particularly did not like or appreciated. It motivated him to move on and leave the city once in a while. Eric always had an inclination towards the cinema industry from a young age. He used to emulate some very artistic figures such as Pheonix and Air from the industry of Music or Podalydes brother for theatre and cinema. Though he may feel like going away from the city of Versailles, he always felt his artistic instincts there. Eric, in particular, is a huge admirer of Director Woody Allen Heywood Allen, also known as Heywood “Woody” Allen >> Read More... , especially for his direction of the film “Anne Hall”. Eric is known to say he remembers the dialogues by the heart of the movie.

He takes Woody Allen as his benchmark, whom he aspires to be. According to Eric, he feels the greatest strength of Allen is his portrayal of the same subject repeatedly but in such a unique and different way that shows his brilliance. Eric considers it THE work. As a young man, Eric found himself attracted towards the comedy genre and was an avid watcher of British comedy movies such as “The Party of Blake Edward”, etc. He also had an interest in the Italian Comedies and watched films of Claude Sautet and the Splendid series like “ The Bronze Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and “Father Christmas is a Junk” films.

He has always felt that, to be a creator you have to be prepared to renounce yourself i.e. give up your family life, your cultural roots, etc. He considers that his upbringing and his education never really had any real influence on his work. He has directed many Shorts and Feature films like “Day and Night, These Happy Days Happy Days is a Telugu-language show on ETV Telegu >> Read More... , Untouchables Stroy coming soon... >> Read More... , Samba, etc. He has also worked as a producer on films like “Life in General” in 2015, etc. He has won many acclamations for his work like “Young Jury Award” for “Happy Days”, Trophy French Award for “Untouchables”, etc.  


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