English Dialogue Writer ( 0 - 10 )

Jacques Audiard

Woody Allen

Nick Love

Eric Toledano

Edgar Wright

Francis Ford Coppola


Dialogue Writer Is The One Who Co Ordinates With The Script Writer

A Dialogue writer is the one who co ordinates with the script writer and writes dialogues for the characters in the film.

They need to stick to the theme of the film while writing dialogues. Sometimes the dialogues are written keeping the actor in mind, on whether it would suit him or her and whether he or she could pull it off. At times, even the dialogues change during the actual shoot and the dialogue writer has to come up with something better than what was written before. If the dialogue isn't working out for the actor to play, then he or she might improvise and act out by saying the words similar to what the dialogue writer had written, if not the exact words. Some dialogue writers are very strict as to how the dialogue will be in the film and don't like if the actors change it during the scene.