Daniel MacArthur ( Dan MacArthur ) was born on 13 November 1970.His present age is 46 years. A Cinematographer by profession, he is married to Melanie Poole ( co- founder 18° entertainment )Based in Brisbane, Australia. He’s a director of photography and founder of 18° entertainment. He’s a highly experienced and versatile cinematographer and is highly regarded for his visually stunning lighting and the way he brings to life the vision that the director has is mind. He has a deep understanding of storytelling and latest cinematography techniques. There’s not much known about MacArthur's early life and childhood.

His Early career included shooting videos for Australian bands like – The Whitlam, Powder fingers, John butler trio, Killing Heidi, Little birdie and many others During 2003 and 2005 MacArthur has also worked as the director of photography for Russell Crowe’s band thirty foot of grunts. He has shot three of their music videos, and one international tour documentary. MacArthur has also shot an Oprah Winfrey segment for them at Russell's farm. MacArthur has shot many commercials and short films, In – USA, UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific. He has worked on numerous genres which include- drama, thriller, fantasy, noir and comedy. In 2011 he shot Go Goa Gone, starring Saif Ali Khan it was India’s first zombie comedy and was very well received He worked on the commercial feature film Nice Package, this movie starred Dwayne Cameron and was MacArthur’s debut as writer and director.

He in 2014 has shot Yennai Arindhaal, starring Ajith Kumar and has been directed by Gautham Vasudhev Menon the movie was released in over 1000 cinemas worldwide and got a lot of appreciation from the audience. He is known for giving Tamil films a Hollywood style transformation, by creating a similar look through his cinematography. This film broke the records for trailer views of Tamil film when it received 1 million views and 45000 likes in just 24 hours. The movie was released on 5th February of 2015. MacArthur was working on another – AYM(Achcham Yenabadhu Madamaiyada) starring Simbu with Gautham Vasudhev Menon. With his base in Brisbane Australia, He has collaborated with some of the big names – Jackie Chan, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Russell Crowe.

Having films like absolute deception, blood money, and the suicide theory among others to his name. He’s been sought after director for commercials he has directed commercials for Coca-Cola’s 7up, Bendigo bank, Asics.A committee member at Australian cinematographer society he has won numerous cinematography awards. He has worked with many academy awards winning actors, directors, and producers on feature films and commercials. He won an award for the best cinematography at Melbourne Underground Film festival for Neon- Noir Thriller Film- the suicide theory. He has also won Gold award for feature film – blood money starring Gordon Lui. He won a bronze for Yennai Arindhaal at the Australian cinematography awards.

Danis Tanovic English Actor

Danis Tanovic

Danis Tanovic is a cinematography director, biographer, and producer. He was born on 20th February, 1969 in Zeneca but he was brought up in Sarajevo city. He completed his primary and secondary education over there. He learned to play the piano at the University of Sarajevo. Tanovic had an interest in taking a course at the Academy of Performing Arts at the University of Sarajevo but due to unexpected tank fire attack which was known as the ‘Siege of Sarajevo’, forced him to stop his studies in 1992. Danis current is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is also a Bosnian and Belgian citizen. Later, when the war had risen in Bosnia, he gathered the film crew and filmed many inspirational moments from the Bosnian war. he filmed many dangerous missions and produced copious films from the support of film crew. The film crew did many films based on drawing situations from the Bosnian war. After two years of hard work with the film crew he decided to resume his studies and left the film crew and moved to Brussels which is the capital of Belgium. In 1997, he he graduated with top marks and even e did some documentary films during his term in school. Tanovic was engaged to Maelys de Rudder, and he was blessed with five children. Until 2007 he lived in Paris. After Danis graduation he began his first movie project named ‘No Man’s Land’ which was completed in the year 2001. Later he debuted his film at the Cannes Film Festival It was his own writing and production. Tanovic got the best screenplay award for the movie at Cannes and also an Oscar award for the best Foreign Film in 2001. While receiving the award the he made a statement saying, ‘This is for my country, Bosnia’. The film ‘No Man’s Land’, has won 42 awards along with an Oscar because it was the best Foreign Film at the time. Tanovic's second film is “L’Enfer” which was completed in the year 2005 and it was the inspiration for a film by Euripides Medea. In 2008 he announced a proposal to form a political party called ‘Nasa Stranka’, through which he wanted to make changes to the politics of the country. Danis had announced some local elections in the same year, besides this, he got a positive response from the party. In 2010 ‘Cirkus Columbia’ was selected as the best foreign film and got awards at the 83rd Academy Awards. In 2011 he got a doctorate as a ‘honoris causa’ from the University of Bosnia. Danis' latest film is ‘Death in Sarajevo’ , a film that he directed.


James Erskine

James Erskine is one of the greatest English Film directors, producers, and writers. London, United Kingdom is his hometown. He was one of the most talented film directors in Britain, who have received the nomination of Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding speciality in film production. He worked as a director in 32 movies, TV serials, and documentary films;many of which had become very famous for world class direction. He started his journey by directing a TV show named ‘Tate Modern’ (in the episode “Rebecca Horn Is Travelling”) in the year 2000. The next year, he directed the short film ‘The Invitation’. In 2002, he tried his golden hands in the three episodes of another TV series - ‘The Human Face.’ After a gap of three years, for the first time, he directed a movie named ‘Oil Storm’; thus, with this he entered into the world of filmography. And, he began to make legendary films which touched everyone from young to old. In the same year, he made other two films- ‘Closing the Deal’ and ‘7/7: Attack on London’. Then, from 2006, he again continued his career in directing TV serials and short films. The next year, he worked for the series ‘Robin Hood’ in the episodes “Show Me the Money” and “For England…!”. In the following year, he directed the two episodes of ‘Rock Rivals.’ He also directed the TV serial ‘Waterloo Road.’ In 2010-11, he played some important roles as both director and producer in documentary films named ‘One Night in Turin,’ ‘My Kid Survived’, ‘From the Ashes’ etc. In 2013, he directed a movie ‘The Legend of Billie Jean King: Battle of the Sexes.’ And in the same year, he made the documentary film ‘The Battle of the Sexes’. In the following years, he directed many other documentaries. Some of those are ‘American Masters,’ Shooting for Socrates’, ‘Building Jerusalem’, etc. The last one was one of the best documentaries made ever. Recently, he is working for two other short films. They are ‘Sachin,’ and ‘Le Mans: Racing is everything.’ Perhaps, we all know about ‘EMR (2004)’. It is an English thriller about the life of Londoner Adam Jones. Since today, he has written many short films and documentaries and also produced them. In 2009, he wrote the movies ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ and ‘Who Killed the Honey Bee?’. He was the executive producer of ‘The Healer’. In 2013, he produced a short film ‘You Are Me’. Erskine was also an actor. He acted in the TV series ‘Lip Service’.

James Erskine English Actor