Birthday: 28-12-1967
Age: 51
Star sign: Capricorn

Lilly Wachowski, originally born Andrew Paul Wachowski is a renowned director and sibling of the famous Lana Wachowski. Lilly is born on December 29, 1967, making her two years younger to Lana Wachowski. The most talked about work of Lilly Wachowski is the film Bound released in 1996. Lilly is famous for being the co-creator of The Matrix trilogy, one of the highest grossing movies since 1999 (until Deadpool, 2016). Before gender transition in 2016, Lilly went by the name Andy Wachowski. Lilly Wachowski’s parents are Ron Wachowski and Lynne Wachowski. Ron Wachowski is a Polish based businessperson. Lynne is a Scots-Irish based painter and nurse. Lilly grew up with three siblings – Laura, Julie ad Lana. Julie is a screenwriter and novelist credited for being an aid in coordinating the debut film of Lilly and Lana - Bound.

Lilly Wachowski is born on December 29, 1967, in Illinois of Chicago. She completed schooling from Kellogg Elementary School with Lana. After completion of education, Lilly showed interest in storytelling by making films. She took the course of film direction in Whitney Young Magnet High School, as she was passionate about direction. This passion towards movie making started when Lilly was young. Her inspiration is Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey, which she saw when she was seven years old. Later, Lilly went to Boston’s Emerson College. She dropped out of college in the sophomore year, before graduation. Lilly is married to Alisa Blasingame and is grateful for her support and love since 1991. Lilly Wachowski and Lana Wachowski prepared the first draft of the film The Matrix in 1994.

Nevertheless, the film Bound hit the screens in 1996 before The Matrix, as its script is getting ready for direction. The 1995 movie Assassins credited Lilly as a screenwriter. The Wachowskis got the well-deserved attention as directors not until the release of The Matrix in 1999, after Bound. They made two more films in the series to complete The Matrix trilogy in 2003. After Lilly Wachowski produced the TV soap opera The Animatrix in 2003, she co-created a comic-inspired cinema V for Vendetta in 2006. Lilly Wachowski directed Speed Racer in 2008 with Lana Wachowski, after some critically acclaimed success. A Japanese series Mach GoGoGo inspired Lilly to create the feature film Speed Racer. Later, Lilly Wachowski produced the 2009 venture Ninja Assassin, which was a commercial and critical disappointment.

After a series of flops, the next film directed, produced and screen written by Lilly Wachowski is Cloud Atlas in October of 2012 after many hardships. The motion picture Cloud Atlas was a result of German collaboration with the director Tom Tykwer. The recent film by Lilly Wachowski is Jupiter Ascending, in 2015, which stars Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum as the lead pair but with little success. After being let down by Jupiter Ascending, Lilly Wachowski created Sense8 for the streaming site Netflix, along with Lana Wachowski in 2015. The first season of the series won Lilly an Outstanding Drama Series Award from GLAAD Media. The second season is set to go live from May 2017. On March 8, 2016, Lilly Wachowski stated she is a transgender woman while being interviewed for Windy City Times in reply to a Daily Mail article, mainly as she feared such editorial caused the suicide of Lucy Meadows. Although, Daily Mail stroke off the allegation, Lilly clearly stated that the interviewer forced her to disclose her transition of gender.

Faraz Ali English Actor

Faraz Ali

Faraz Ali is an Indian writer, an illustrator and, director known for his nuanced accounts in the movie and commercial disciplines. His movies are frequently specifically nostalgic and impacted by items that recount a human story. The artistic tasteful of his tales are shaped by his careful plan of shading and surface in each edge. Faraz's preparation mirrors his different advantages. After his Masters in Advertising, he went to a vivid film appreciation program at FTII in Pune and likewise coached by Werner Herzog at the Rogue Film School in Munich, Germany. He adores reestablishing optical toys, projectors and film negatives with an end goal to file pieces of film history. Faraz is the fellow benefactor of Going Rogue Films name of website He is as of now composing and coordinating his introduction feature movie, which is due in 2019. He worked as an associate and first unit executive with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Faraz debuted as a director with the short film named Mehrooni in 2014 starring Kristine Zedek and Sharib Hashmi. The motion picture is about a couple, yet the story described by a worker who goes to a similar Mumbai local. The story depicts ordinary love in this bustling world. This movie demonstrates that genuine love still exists yet we don't see it- the film officially selected for the 13th Mumbai Film Festival. He then made short motion picture titled Ludo - Of a dice and a decision featuring Bhushan Borgaonkar, Mukesh Agrohari and Sharib Hashmi in 2015. It released through Whatsapp by Color Bar Entertainment showcasing the LUDO displayed in the relationship with Spotlight. The movie depends on a discussion between two taxi drivers over a round of LUDO. The film means to break the cliché mentality towards women. It was the first micro movie to be discharged on Whatsapp. His most recent short film released in 2014 named Makhmal. It is an account of a bit of velvet that ties a dad to his little girl in the midst of cruelty of a family contradiction. It is a clashing story about a dad's love for his little girl. The film featuring Jackie Shroff among others at Festival of Globe won as Best Short Film South Asian Panaroma that held in California, USA. Faraz has also directed music video Dil Dharhakne Ka Sabab by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan starring Naseeruddin Shah in 2015. He also executed Bhansali Logo film. With three great short movies added to his repertoire, Faraz Ali is a man moving and an executive to keep in mind.


Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez, whose full name is Robert Anthony Rodriguez, is a director, writer, businessman, and producer of American descent. Robert was born on June 20, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. His mother, Rebecca, was a nurse while his father, Cecilio G. Rodríguez, was a salesman. Robert also has two sisters named Angela Lanza and Patricia Vonne. Once, Cecilio bought a VCR with a camera for his son, and since then Robert became fascinated with films. He attended St. Anthony High School Seminary, San Antonio. There, his teachers Gabe him the responsibility to record and videotape the school football team's matches. However, since he used to focus more on the audience's reactions, the teachers fired him. Robert also met Carlos Gallardo while at school and they would shoot short films together. Later, he studied at College of Communication, where he became interested in cartooning. Since his grades were poor, Robert was unable to secure an admission in the film program of the institute, and so he created a comic strip named Los Hooligans. Most of the characters from the strip shared similar traits with his family members and relatives. In 1990, he participated in a local contest of films and managed to impress the jury. As a result, the authorities of College of Communication decided to revoke their original decision and included him in their program. Robert made a movie called Bedhead for the competition which attracted rave attention and graced several film festivals. Within few years, Robert bagged his first mainstream project titled El Mariachi. Since then he has worked on Spy Kids Series, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, From Dusk till Dawn, and much more. He loves to shoot in Mexico and Texas. Robert is the member of A Band Apart and is the owner of a television channel named El Rey.He married to Elizabeth Avellán in 1990. The couple has five children. However, they separated after being together for sixteen years. They both continue to share a cordial, professional relationship. Robert briefly dated Rose McGowan. Robert not only produces, writes, and directs, but sometimes also dons the hat of an editor, production designer, Steadicam operator, sound editor, photography director, visual effects supervisor, production designer, and composer. He has also written a book titled Rebel Without a Crew. Robert is a supporter of digital filmmaking and has released several series of DVDs.

Robert Rodriguez English Actor