Director Josh has brought together the whole Malayalam film industry in his film 'Twenty:20' and pulled out a miracle to treat the audiences and fans.

Twenty 20 Movie Review

Twenty 20 Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Twenty 20"
Runtime: 2 Hours 51 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-11-2008
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
3.5 / 5.0


Director Josh has brought together the whole Malayalam film industry in his film 'Twenty:20' and pulled out a miracle to treat the audiences and fans.


The movie starts when retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Viswanathan Menon (Madhu) and his better half ( Kaviyoor Ponnamma Kaviyoor Ponnamma is the evergreen mother of Malay >> Read More... Kaviyoor Ponnamma ) come home to celebrate a festival with their children. The whole family is preparing for it. But their plans are spoiled when Arun Kumar Arun Kumar is a famous Indian film actor. He is th >> Read More... Arun Kumar ( Indrajith Sukumaran Indrajith Sukumaran is a prominent film actor, who >> Read More... Indrajith Sukumaran ), a medical student and Menon’s grandson are accused of murdering a fellow student during a ragging incident. With this, Antony ( Suresh Gopi Malayali by birth, Suresh Gopinath, also known as >> Read More... Suresh Gopi ), Police Commissioner enters the frame. To save Arun, Menon family hires criminal lawyer Raman Nambiar (Mammootty). But a twist in the tale comes when Arun is murdered after he is granted bail. Devan, a poor trader, is arrested for this just because he was present at the spot of crime. But on the urge of Devan's sister, Rameshan proves Devan innocent and the court sets him free. But later it is learned that Devan, in reality, is a crime boss, Devaraja Pratap Varma (Mohanlal) who wants to take revenge following his brother’s murder for which Arun and his cousins are responsible. The story then moves to flashback and climax brings out some shocking truths in the tale.


As a director, Josh deserves a bow to bring two ace actors in one frame. But the big thing is that both Mohanlal and Mammootty have an equal importance and contribution to the story. According to a saying 'If we try to do too many things, we end up doing nothing.’ But the direction, production value, editing, cinematographer have saved the movie to be a fish market. The movie has all the ingredients mixed in the right proportion. Although the flick is of 195 minutes, it doesn’t bore us.

Star Performance

All the actors have acted well. Mohanlal and Mammootty have got impactful roles. 55 other Malayalam actors are all the part of the story, and they have played their part with sheer dedication. The casting of the movie is perfect as each and every artist fits in their respective role. Director Vishu and the technical department have burned midnight fuel to shape each and every character. All the departments behind the camera have added essence to this simple yet impactful story. Fazil, Josh, and writers have also worked wonders for this film.

What's there ????

1. 55 Malayalam actors sharing one screen is in itself a treat for the fans.

2. The movie’s cinematography is appreciable, and few scenes are just superb.

3. Ranjan Abraham's editing, Shiva's stunt scenes also make this flick a must watch.

4. Mammootty- Mohanlalfight sequence has been tremendously shot.

What's not there ????

1. The music department deserved more attention as there are only three songs.

2. Comic roles byInnocent, Jagathi, Sooraj Venjaranmoodu, Jagadish, Salim Kumar Salim Kumar is a person who deserves the title of >> Read More... Salim Kumar don’t add much to the flavor of the story.

3. Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Nayantara are only the part of a song which doesn’t justify their talent.


All in all, Twenty:20 is a family movie, and it is worth watching. Such a masterpiece originates itself from the hard work of an entire team. Rating - 3.5 /5