Gireesh Puthenchery is one of the most prolific lyricists of Malayalam cinema. Over the last two decades, he has penned about 2000 songs that had been just like a poetic flow out of his mind. He has won the Kerala State Award seven times, of which four were given to him for consecutive years (2001-04). Besides being a lyricist, he tried his hand even as a screenwriter.

He was successful in scripting story for four films of which ‘ Pallavur Devanarayanan’ (1999), ‘Vadakkumnadhan ‘(2006), and ‘Kerala House Udan Vilpanakku’(2004) were the average success in the box-office. He was born on 1 May 1961, in Kozhikode. He has worked for about 328 Malayalam films. This lyricist had a good association with two music composers, and they were Vidhya Sagar and Raveendran respectively.

His song “Pinneyum pinneyum aar”, for the movie ‘ Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu’ (1997), was composed by Vidyasagar and it was an example of a good poetry which no other lyricist in Malayalam cinema could have written at that time. The team of Vidhya Sagar-Gireesh went on to produce many other hit songs such as ‘Aaro viral meettee” from the film “Pranayavarnangal”.

‘Karimizhi kuruviye’ from the film ‘’ Meesa Madhavan’’, Then ‘Oru kunju poovinte’ from the film “Chandranudikkunna Dikkil” and ‘Oru rathri koodi’ from the film “Summer in Bethlehem” etc. Apart from Vidyasagar, Gireesh also shared a rapport with one more composer Raveendran. Many actors and music directors have often stated that Gireesh is the best lyricists produced by the Malayalam film industry.

His teaming up with music composer Raveendran gave popular hit songs such as ‘Kalabham tharam’ from the film "Vadakkumnathan’’ which released in 2006 and had Mohanlal and Padma Priya in a lead role. Earlier, the team Raveendran-Gireesh had worked wonders with the song ‘Harimuraleeravam’ from the movie “Aaram Thampuran” which released in 1997 and had Mammootty and Manju Warrier in lead roles.

In 2002, “Nandanam” which was the most critically acclaimed movie, the popular songs of the film were written by Gireesh Puthenchery and composed by maestro Raveendran. The songs were on a chart for weeks and the song ‘Karmukil Varnante’ became highly popular.

Gireesh had also shared the good rapport with composers such as M. Jayachandran & Issac Thomas Kottukapally for film ‘Kathavasheshan’, M. G. Radhakrishnan for film ‘Devasuram’, Ilaiyaraaja for film ‘Kathavasheshan’ and M.Jayachandran for the film ‘Madampi’. Many of his songs such as “Amma Mazhakkarinu" and "Kalyanakacheri" from the film 'Madampi ' and the song "Vande Mukunda Hare" from the film ‘Devasuram’ were chartbusters.

Especially, the song ‘Vande Mukunda Hare’ picturised on Oduvil Unnikrishnan, is considered the most dramatic scene in the film. That was the magic of Gireesh Puthenchery , who could even write the theme of a movie through his songs.

While he made his first song in his career was for the film ‘Chakravaalathinappuram’ (1998), his first hit songs were from the movie ‘ Johnny Walker’(1992) and his last movie was ‘Cassanova’ (2012). He passed away on 10 February 2010 due to brain hemorrhage leaving his wife Beena and two sons Jithin and Dinanath in much grief.

Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma Malayalam Actor

Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma

Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma is an eminent film lyricist who works predominantly in Malayalam movies. He is noted for his works in films like `Mizhirandillum,'Harbour', 'Achamakuttiyude Achayan', `Jaloltsavam', `Bunglavil Outha', and `Chanthupottu’. He got a chance in films for director Ranjit to whom he remains immensely indebted in his career. It was Ranjit who had given him a chance to work with music composer Raveendran in `Mizhirandillum’.  Sarath Chandra Varmat wanted to grow up as a normal human being and hence after completing his degree, he took up a job at a distillery near Cherthala. He is the son of Malayalam poet and lyricist Vayalar Ramavarma. It was a stage in his life when his father had passed away and the family was undergoing a lot of hardships to even sustain. Sarat Chandra did not know anything about his father’s popularity as a lyricist and a poet.  It was after his father’s death that the Vayalar Trust was set up in fond memory of his father. He then realized the immense affection people had for his father. The trust collected Rs 8 lakhs fund and had given to the family to sustain after his father had passed away. Hence, his whole family owes a lot to the trust and is indebted to the people who came forward to help the family.  Sarath’s turning point came after he lost his job. His second sister’s wedding was fixed and his grandmother was critically ill, and he was unable to go to the office for a long time. This led to his termination for the job and his grandmother too had passed away then and the wedding was over too. He then found solace in his father’s books. As he was jobless, he was totally immersed in reading his father’s works. However, one day he scribbled some lines which came out from his imagination, and it sounded good to him. He sent those works to singer K.J.Yesudas and the singer accepted his work. His lyrics was set to music by Alleppey Ranganath and appeared in the 10th volume of Ayyappa songs. Thus, Sarath started his journey in writing songs. Sarath is married to Sreelatha and has a daughter named Subhadra. He still lives in the ancestral house at Vayalar. 


Anil Panachooran

Anil Panachooran is an eminent film lyricist in Malayalam cinema. He is a lawyer by profession but even lives on the income from his lyrical and poetic work in cinema. Many of his songs have romantic themes and are liked by audiences.  Anil was born in Kayakulam on 20 November 1965. The singer completed his studies from Kerala Law Academy Law College in Thiruvananthapuram and Kakatiya University in Warangal. He shot to popularity with film ‘Arabikkatha’ which was directed by Lal Jose in the year 2007. This was his first assignment in his career. He wrote some prominent lines in the lyrics of the song ‘Chora Veena Mannil Ninnum’ which established him in cine world. His next assignment was the film ‘Kadha Parayumbol’ by M. Mohanan. He wrote lines such as ‘Vyathyasthanamoru Barbaram Balane’ in this film that was sung by Pradeep Palluruthy.  Anil has written lyrics for many movies of Mohanlal, Dileep, and Indrajith. These movies were blockbusters in those days. Some of the prominent films that released those days include ‘Madampi’, ‘Alibhai’,’ Minnaminnikootam’, ‘Cycle’, ‘Mulla’, ‘Twenty:20’, etc. Some of the prominent composers for which he has written lyrics include Alex Paul, Mejo Joseph, Gireesh Puthenchery, M. Jayachandran, Vidyasagar, Afzal Yusuf, Suresh Peters and Berny Ignatius, etc. In between 2007-2009, he wrote lines for as many as 11 films out of which nine films fared very well at the box office. In 2009, he wrote lyrics for highly grossed films such as ‘Daddy Cool’ and in 2010, he again wrote for a successful film ‘Cocktail’. In 2011, another film of Mohanlal released which was ‘China Town’. In this film, he wrote lyrics for music composer Jassie Gift.  In a few Malayalam movies, Anil has not only acted but even sung. Audiences have seen him in a cameo appearance in films like ‘Yathra Chodikkathe’(2015) in which he has written lyrics for three music composers who were given credit for the score in the film. He has written several poems, and some of them are used in films too as lyrics.  Anil believes that since he is an independent lawyer he gets ample time to write poems and lyrics.

Anil Panachooran Malayalam Actor