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Malayalam Music Director Suresh Peters
Written By - Team Nettv4u

No doubt he stays behind the scenes, but for music his contribution is far from unseeable. Suresh Peters is a kind of person who finds himself crazy for music since his childhood. He recalls his first live concert at the age of 4years, which was broadcasted on radio and since then the process begins – of the formation of veteran music director. A. R. Rahman and Shivamani are the childhood friends of Suresh Peters. Suresh Peters is a renowned music director and playback rapper/singer for the movies in India. His notable and renowned songs include “Chikku Bukku Rayile" from Gentleman Click to look into! >> Read More... and "Style" from the movie Sivaji: The Boss. Peters first worked in a Malayalam movie “Punjabi House” being the music director.

This was his first break in his career. In this movie, he composed both melody and folk songs. In his early age, Peters even started a band called “Nemesis Avenue” with A. R. Rahman and Shivamani. Later when Rahman entered into the film & music world, Suresh Peters sang a lot of songs for Rahman’s films including “ Urvashi Urvashi is the stage name of Kavitha Ranjini, a pr >> Read More... ,” “Chikku Bukku,” “Peta Rap,” and “ Chandralekha Click to look into! >> Read More... .” Peters also has launched four Tamil albums of his own, namely - Minnal, Oviyum, Kaathiruppaen and Engiruntho. Suresh Peters started his career as an independent music director in 1984, and he completed 20 feature films as a composer till now. Suresh is well known for composing an original musical score to programming and arranging, tracking live vocals and instruments.

Apart from all these, he loves to play the drum, in fact, he finds a kind of childhood love of him for drums. Suresh Peters have composed and produced original soundtracks for several commercial ad films in India and UAE. He has composed jingles for more than 500 jingles till date. He also composed musical scores for the top most consumer brands like Coca- Cola, Ford Motors, GM Motors, Pepsi, Lakme, Honda, and Airtel. In 1994, A.R. Rahman introduced Suresh Peters as a singer in his feature film ‘Gentleman’ with his debut song ‘Chikku Bukku Railae’ which sold more than a million copies.

He has sung over more than 700 songs that feature in various films in a variety of languages e.g. ‘Pettai Rap,’ ‘Hum Bhi Hain josh main,’ ‘ Chikku Bukku Railae,” and ‘Take it Easy,’ Peters have composed, produced, performed and programmed four successful Tamil albums in pop and rhythm & blues which were released and appreciated worldwide, namely: “Kaathiruppaen,” 2000, “Yengirindho,” 1998, “Oviyum,” 1996 and “Minnal,” 1994. The “Minnal” went up to the sell five million copies and in an Indian language is still considered a break-through pioneering musical trendsetter.

Suresh Peters is a live performer as rock/jazz drummer who performed in live concerts across the world as part of a band where award-winning artists like Grammy Award-winner Vikku Vinayakram, A.R. Rahman, Balumurali Krishna and Nemesis Avenue performs. Peters prefer to spend most of his time with music and musical instruments. According to him "Music is his life. You cannot separate music and Peters otherwise he will be devastated. Music gives him energy, in life, and it is his closest friend. Like his drums, they are so much a part of him. Its rhythm is a part of his life. Drumming is an internal process for him. He can even play the drum for whole day and night." Today, Peters is not just anxious to try something new and different; he finds peace in music. For him, music is his life.


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