Top 10 Kannada Movies Of 2015 Kannada Article

Kannada movies have been doing great business. Movies of various genres have been made, and the Kannada audience embraced them all. Here is a list of top 10 Kannada movies of 2015. 

' Vajrakaya Click to look into! >> Read More... Vajrakaya '


Shiva Rajkumar Shiva Rajkumar is the populous Kannada actor, who >> Read More... Shiva Rajkumar was at his best in this movie, and the supporting actors did a neat job too. The movie was successful in the box office.

Rangi Taranga Click to look into! >> Read More... Rangi Taranga

This film was well received overseas too, which is quite a feat for Kannada movies. The plot of the movie is quite simple, but the way it is executed is commendable. The songs of the movie too are rocking. 


Rana Vikrama

Rana Vikrama is a sensational hit of Sandalwood and is one of the biggest hits of Puneeth Rajkumar Puneeth was born on 17th march 1975 in madras, Tam >> Read More... Puneeth Rajkumar . The filmmakers were prudent enough in dealing with a delicate subject as border concerns of Karnataka and Maharashtra.


' Ranna Click to look into! >> Read More... Ranna '

This Sudeep starrer has done commendable business at box office and has also been critically acclaimed. The movie garnered good collection overseas too. With a nice storyline and Sudeep’s good performance, it is no wonder that the movie makes it up to this list. 


' Mythri Click to look into! >> Read More... Mythri '


Sandalwood has been experimenting with different genres of movies. Mythri focuses on the true life happenings of the youths who are under life imprisonment. Puneeth Rajkumar has done a great job in the movie that fetched him the much-needed appreciation. Mohanlal’s sheer presence was enough to elevate the standard of the movie.

Krishna Leela Click to look into! >> Read More... Krishna Leela


This film is a wholesome entertainer, and the characters are etched beautifully. The movie has a genuine storyline. This Ajai starrer did very good business at the box office.

' Uppi 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... Uppi 2 '



This psychological thriller blended with action was directed by Upendra. This movie did great business not only in Karnataka but also in the whole of Tamil Nadu.  

Kenda Sampige Many of us have watched CID Tele-Serial on Sony TV >> Read More... Kenda Sampige

This is a feel-good film that came as a whiz of fresh air. The execution of the movie by director Suri is commendable, and the newcomers too have done their best. The movie garnered good collections at the box office. 

'Mr Airavatha'

Mr. Airavatha , which is all-ina-all Darshan’s movie, was a big hit. 

' Aatagara Click to look into! >> Read More... Aatagara '

​Aatagara has done well for Chiranjeevi Sarja Chiranjeevi Sarja was born on October 17 1984 in B >> Read More... Chiranjeevi Sarja . It did great business in Karnataka. This Dwarkish directorial venture has a remarkable star cast including Meghana Raj Meghana, whose full name is Meghana Raj, is an Ind >> Read More... Meghana Raj , Anu Prabhakar Her mother Gayathri Prabhakar, the dubbing artist >> Read More... Anu Prabhakar , Parul Yadav Parul Yadav is a popular Kannada actress in both t >> Read More... Parul Yadav , etc.