Anvitha Rao is an Indian actress. A majority of her projects are a part of the Kannada television industry. Her debut show on the tv was titled Pyate Hudgir Halli Life- Season 3. After doing this, her career took off. She had a burning desire to be an actor and had a strong inclination towards the field.

Her parents gave her full support for her decision. Right from her early years, when she attended school, Anvitha was a bubbly kid who showed immense love for extracurricular activities and participated in a lot of competitions. She also was a part of the contestants for the Miss Mangalore competition.

When she sent across her pictures for the show Pyate Hudgir Halli Life- Season 3, she received a call for the audition which she aced and got selected for the part. She became an overnight star, after which there was a long line of people wanting to work with her. She received offers from major Kannada producers and directors.

She chose to work in a movie with the name Simple Aagond Innond Love Story ‘Love Story’ was a series that was telecast on SAB >> Read More... Love Story . She began her career in Coastal wood with the film called Ice Cream Click to look into! >> Read More... Ice Cream . Her lecturer gave her referral for the film. She thoroughly enjoyed the filmmaking process as it involved a lot of people she already knew.

She is currently a part of a show by the title Anjali and another one called Janumada Jodi, both of which air on Zee Kannada, She works in a serial titled Olavajeevana Sakshatahara which airs on Udaya TV. Anvitha prefers working on television shows as compared to big screen projects. She believes that small screen shows are more accessible as audiences and make her a household name.

It is an efficient medium to reach people and audiences connect more with you in soap operas and tv serials. Also due to the long duration of the script, the same cast works together for a long time, months together, sometimes even years, which creates a happy family atmosphere which cannot happen on a film set as the duration of the shoot is usually just a few days.

She is a native of Kulai and was born on 25th May 1992. Her father is Nagendra Rao, and her mother is Aruna Rao. She completed her schooling from Vidyadayanu School located in Surathkal. Anvitha pursued a degree in Journalism from Govinda Dasa College. During her college years, she did many modeling assignments and then decided to take it up as a career.