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Top 10 Negative Roles In Kannada Films

Author: Ayushi Verma
Top 10 Negative Roles In Kannada Films Kannada Article

Villains and negative roles have become an essential part of most films that are produced around the world today. It is as if our eyes have almost become accustomed to the setup. The Kannada film industry boasts of having some very able villains whose performances did not fail to entertain us. Let us look at the top 10 in this article.

1. Vajramuni

One of the iconic villains of Kannada cinema, Vajramuni is renowned for his powerful voice and excellent acting. It is believed that people used to be scared of him when he appeared on the screen. People refer to him as Natabhayankara because of the manner he used to roar with his words and groove with the story. In Puttanna Kangal's Mallammana Pavada, he made his acting debut. He then starred in several Kannada masterpieces, including Mayura, Babruvahana, Sampattige Savaal, Sangliyana, Sahasasimha, Shankar Guru Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shankar Guru , Premada Kanike, etc.

2. Balakrishna

Over a hundred films with Dr Rajkumar in the starring role had an actor who was allegedly deaf. It was genuinely excellent how he read the artists' lip movements and gave the lines on the spot. In those days, Balakrishna was a well-known comic villain who was adored by people from all walks of life. He has played a hero, villain, comic, devoted parent, and maniac in over 560 films. He played some of his most recognisable characters in cinema, like Gandadagudi, Bangarada Manushya, Bangarada Panjara "Bangarada Panjara" is a Kannada serial telecasted >> Read More... Bangarada Panjara , Daari Tappida Maga, Ranadheera Kanteerava, and many others.

3.  Tiger Prabhakar Tiger Prabhakar is a prominent Indian actor, produ >> Read More... Tiger Prabhakar

Prabhakar, a powerfully built actor primarily known for villainous roles, is famous in KFI. The actor has appeared in 450+ movies playing roles of different genres. Some of his notable performances came in films like Gandhada Gudi, Jaggu, Raja Nanna Raja, Giri Kanye, Raktha Tilaka, Shankar Guru, and others.


4. Devraj

Devraj has appeared in more than 200 films, playing characters in many genres. He began with villain roles and kept playing them until he eventually played heroes. The actor was recognised with the Karnataka Film Award for Best Actor in 1991 for his performance as the lead in the movie Veerappan.


5.  Thoogudeepa Srinivas Acted in most of the Kannada films, Thoogudeepa Sr >> Read More... Thoogudeepa Srinivas

Thoogudeepa Srinivas is another prominent actor who has made significant contributions to the Kannada film industry. He was a fantastic villain who had a certain demonic allure on the big screen. In films like Mayor Muthanna, Banggarada Panjara, Gandhada Gudi, Vasantha Lakshmi, Sipayi Ramu, Giri Kanye, and others, he gave some of his all-time best performances.


6.  Ravi Shankar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ravi Shankar

A talented voice actor began his film career as a dubbing artist. Over 2600 movies, with over 1000 in Telugu, Tamil, and 150 in Kannada, have had subtitles provided by Ravi Shankar. He became well-known after the 2011 hit movie "Kempegowda," starring Kiccha Sudeep. He is now greeted by whistles and claps by his Kananda supporters in every film, which speaks to his popularity and notoriety.


7. Musuri Krishna Murthy

He was a multi-talented actor who excelled at playing a variety of characters, from comedic to supporting to antihero. He is most well-known, nevertheless, for his part in Puttanna Kanagal's Paduvaralli Pandavaru. There is no equal to the hatred and hostility with which he played the role of Kalappa.


8. Dodanna

Dodddanna has appeared in nearly 500 films, playing various characters, including comedians, villains, and family members. Doddanna stands out in many ways for the way he transitioned from playing villain roles to comedy characters. He can make people laugh and cry simultaneously. You must see the film Sirivantha if you want to see his acting prowess.


9.  Rangayana Raghu Rangayana Raghu was born on 30th November, 1963. H >> Read More... Rangayana Raghu

More than 250 Kannada films include Rangayana Raghu, who typically plays funny and evil characters. The actor is renowned for both the depth he gives the character and his impeccable comic timing. In films like Duniya, Director Special, Kaddipudi, Inthi Ninna Preethiya, Raam, and others, he gave some of his most memorable performances.

10. Mukhya Mantri Chandru

Chandru was one of the most demanding Kannada film industry villains in the early 1990s. In more than 500 films, he has played roles in all genres. He was a theatre actor, and the title of his stage play, Mukhya Mantri, stayed since it was so well received. His well-known films include Swabhimana, S P Sangliyana Part 2, Ammavra Ganda, and Chakravyuha.