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Vijay Raghavendra Kannada Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1979

Age Now 45

Vijay Raghavendra - (Movie Actor)

Ankita Amar Kannada Movie Actress
Born: 26 May 1994

Age Now 30

Ankita Amar - (Movie Actress)


K. S. Ashwath Kannada Movie Actor
Born: 25 May 1925

Lived For 84 Years

K. S. Ashwath - (Movie Actor)

Anvitha Rao Kannada Movie Actress
Born: 25 May 1992

Age Now 32

Anvitha Rao - (Movie Actress)

Sanjana Burli Kannada Movie Actress
Born: 25 May 2000

Age Now 24

Sanjana Burli - (Movie Actress)

R. Chittibabu Kannada Cinematographer
Born: 25 May 1927

Lived For 71 Years

R. Chittibabu - (Cinematographer)


TV Serials Are Something That Is Seen Running In Every Indian Household

TV Serials Are Something That Is Seen Running In Every Indian Household. The Mom’s, The Aunt’s, The Grandma’s, And The Grandpa’s, Everyone Has Their One Favorite Show, Which Justifies The Fight For The Remote Control Every Evening.

Every Household Has Their Set Of Favorite TV Actor’s Who They Talk About As If They Are Part Of Their Family And Discuss Their Problems With Everyone With Utmost Concern. Television Actors Are Seen 7 Days A Week Religiously And Are Sometimes For Famous And Familiar Than Big Screen Actors And Actresses.

They Depict Different Characters In Various Kannada Productions. Kannada Actors Play Various Roles In Kannada TV Serials. Lead Roles, Supporting Roles, Ranging From Minor To Major Ones. New Faces Are Introduced Into The Industry Through The TV Production Industry. Here Is The List Of The Most Popular TV Actors From The Kannada TV Production Who Have Found Their Spot In The Homes And Hearts Of Thousands.