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Seethe Rama Katha Hridayam is a mythological serial which was telecasted on Udaya TV of SUN Network from Monday to Friday at 7pm. It was started on 4th February’2013 and has successfully completed 500 episodes. This serial is directed by Krishan Sethi Krishna Sethi is a successful Director-Producer. H >> Read More... . This serial is produced by Cinevista’s Prem Kishen and Sunil Mehta Sunil Mehta is a renowned film and TV producer who >> Read More... . The screenplay and dialogues of this serial are written by JM Prahallad.

Veer Samarth has given the music. Sharmila has acted in the role of Seethe, Amith Bhargav has acted in the role of Sri Rama, Vallabh has acted in the role of Lakshman, Pravin has acted in the role of Hanuman, Chiranjeevi and Dhanavin have acted in the roles of Lav and Kush, Anantha Velu Anantha Velu is a Kannada film actor who was seen >> Read More... has acted in the role of Dasarath, Veena Venkatesh Veena Venkatesh is a Tamil actress who is well kno >> Read More... has acted in the role of  Kaushalya, Padmini Nanda has acted in the role of Sumithra, Nishitha Gowda Nishitha Gowda played the role of Kaikaiyi in the >> Read More... has acted in the role of  Kaikeyi, Sundarasri has acted in the role of Mantharae, Sri Ramana has acted in the role of Valmiki and Lamboo Nagesh has acted in the role of Raavana in this serial. Seethe is a mega serial that showcased the entire Sri Ramayana epic and got the popularity as the first mythology based serial in Kannada.

The influence of Seethe on the culture of India was shown by this serial. This serial also featured the episodes of Lava Kusha Lava Kusha is the dubbed Malayalam version of Ram >> Read More... . It revived our knowledge about Ramayana in a fresh way. This show was focused on Seethe Maathe who is considered as the power of woman throughout India. This show was seen from the perspective of Seethe. It showed how Indian women follow her in terms of dignity and grace. It talked about a woman’s inner strength which gives the power to forfeit. This epic is targeted at the audience of Karnataka. This serial was completely shot in Karnataka. It gave the audience an entirely new experience of the Ramayana epic.


Pavithra Lokesh Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 19 February 1979
Pavithra Lokesh
Dr.Rajkumar Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 24 April 1929
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DOB: 10 September 1964
Ramesh Aravind
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DOB: 12 September 1951
Ashok Hegde
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