Chiranjeevi Sarja was born on October 17 1984 in Bangalore; He is also known as Chiru and is an Indian film actor based in Kannada movie Industry. He also has a younger brother Dhruva Sarja. His uncle is well known actor Arjun Sarja, who is also known as "action king" and is the grandson of veteran actor Shakti Prasad.

Chiranjeevi Sarja did his schooling in Baldwin Boys High School and completed his graduation from Vijaya College; Bangalore. He started assisting his uncle Arjun Sarja for about four years before coming into Kannada film industry. He made his debut in the Kannada movie Vayuputra in the lead role. Vayuputra was a romantic action film directed and produced by his Uncles Kishore Sarja actor Arjun Sarja. Vayuputra was a remake of the hit Tamil film Sandakozhi .His films, Vayuputra, Chiru and Varadanayaka, were declared hit. So far he has done ten films in his career. Such as Gandedhe, Dandam Dashagunam, Whistle, Ajith etc.

As Chiranjeevi Sarja is a believer, he visits Chamundi Hills to pay respects to the goddess there before release of his films. In fact, after every film of his becomes a box office success, the actor visits Chamundi Hills. It has almost a custom for Chiranjeevi Sarja to pay respect to the goddess Chamundi
His brother Dhruva Sarja also started his career in the film industry in the super hit movie 'Addhuri', which also got fame and established him as upcoming star.
Rakesh Adiga Kannada Actor

Rakesh Adiga

Rakesh Adiga  was born on born 7 July in 1986; he is a film actor, who works mainly in the Kannada film industry. Rakesh is well known in the business circles since he belongs to the family of Adigas who have a chain of hotels and restaurants across Karnataka. He was introduced to the industry through the film ‘Jhoshh’. Rakesh got his first break in 2009 in his debut film ‘Jhossh’. The film ‘Jhossh’ went on to become one of the top grosser of that year and earned him recognition.   Rakesh also won Best debut actor award for Asianet Suvarna for that year. Rakesh Adiga won recognition for his performance as a wannabe don in the movie ‘Alemaari’ released in 2011. He played a character of lover boy in ‘Manasology’ but the movie did not do well. Before being selected to act opposite actress Nithya Menen in the film ‘Josh’, He was part of a college band that composed two songs for the film ‘Harikathe’. He starred as a lead in Parie, which had big names from the film industry. However, it was a failure at the Box-Office. Rakesh is so far acted in eleven films, such as Alemari, Parie, Yaare Koogadali, Nanda Gokula, Mandahasa, and Karnataka Ayodhyapuram.   Another Version Of Rakesh Adiga: Rakesh Adiga is Kannada Film Actor. Rakesh was born on 7th July 1986 in Bangalore, Karnataka. He has started his acting career with his debut film ‘Jhossh’, released in 2009. The film became the one of the highest grosser of that year and also Rakesh was appreciated for his role in the film. For ‘Jhossh’ he won the Suvarna Film Award for Best Debut Actor. Then after a break of a year, he did the romantic film ‘Manasology’ which released in 2011. Then in the same year, he played the role of a villain in the film ‘Alemari’. The following year he did the multi-starer film ‘Parie’, it was not successful at the box office. His latest film is ‘Mandya to Mumbai’ (2015).


Sharath Lohitashwa

Though his debut into films industry is because of his father T S Lohithaswa, his reputation as an actor is earned by his own talent. With series of TV shows like Chidambara Rahasya and Kichchu, he was able to grab praises from the viewers. His character in the movie Aa Dinagalu, which was released in 2007, fetched him a trade mark as an actor. Later the movies like Sanju Weds Geetha and Bheema Theeradalli added his fame as an actor. On the other hand, Sharath has debuted in Tamil with the movie Ethir Neechal. He played a decent role as a caring father which brought him recognition among Tamil movie lovers. His role Simmakkal Ravi in the movie Pandianadu stood as one of the most acclaimed movies in his career. He has appeared in the negative role in the movie Masss, which was released in May 2015. Starting from 1997, with an uncredited role in Agni IPS, Sharath is still continuing his acting career with five signed films both in Tamil and Kannada. He received many awards from the state government of Karnataka and one Filmfare award as the “Best supporting actor” for Aa Dinagalu. Till date, he has appeared in 87 films including Tamil and Kannada languages, where the major films were from Kannada. More than the other characters, Sharath is known for his characters in negative roles. Apart from his acting skills, Sharath is also a good singer. He has been the playback singer for most of the dramas he played. Besides his excellence in acting, Sharath is a good cricketer. As a sportsman, he was offered seat in Rashtreeya Vidya College of Engineering (RVCE), Bangalore. He used to direct the cultural functions conducted in the school and college.

Sharath Lohitashwa Kannada Actor