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Dheerendra Gopal Kannada Movie Actor
Born: 12 April 1940

Lived For 59 Years

Dheerendra Gopal - (Movie Actor)

K. Praveen Nayak Kannada Director
Born: 12 April 1962

Age Now 62

K. Praveen Nayak - (Director)


Ratnaakar Kannada Comedian
Born: 11 April 1931

Age Now 93

Ratnaakar - (Comedian)

Nobin Paul Kannada Music Director
Born: 11 April 1983

Age Now 41

Nobin Paul - (Music Director)

Aravind Iyer Kannada Actor
Born: 11 April 1989

Age Now 35

Aravind Iyer - (Actor)


Movie Director Is An Individual Who Coordinates The Creation Of A Film

A Movie Director Is An Individual Who Coordinates The Creation Of A Film. A Movie Director Controls A Film's Masterful And Sensational Angles And Envisions The Screenplay (Or Content) While Controlling The Specialized Group And Entertainers In The Satisfaction Of That Vision. The Director Has A Key Job In Picking The Cast Individuals, Generation Structure, And The Inventive Parts Of Film Making.

It Is Necessary To Have An Artistic Eye To Frame Shots And To Give Precise Feedback To Cast And Crew. Thus, Excellent Communication Skills Are A Must. Film Directors Typically Have Strong Verbal And Written Communication Skills. Experience In Leadership And Management Are Highly Valued. People Who Work In This Field Also Tend To Be Highly Creative. Required Hands-On Skills Include The Ability To Use Video Recording And Other Equipment Common On A Set.Director Must Inspire And Persuade The Group To Create The Film They Have Imagined.

They Need A Broad Comprehension Of The Whole Film Making Process, From Both Specialized And Inventive Perspective.