Anant Nagarakatte was born in the year 1948 on 4th September. He is a very popular actor and a politician. He is a Karnataka based actor who had given many hit movies as an actor. He is regarded as one of the prominent Kannada actors. He had reflected it in all his movies. In-fact, that is why he is known to be an actor who had never met any failures as far as his movies are concerned. Apart from acting in Kannada movies, he had also acted in other film industries. 
He acted in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi and Hindi movies as well. This shows his intention of showcasing his talent irrespective of any film industry. His conviction in acting could be the only possible avenue for this concern. He got married to Gayathri in the year 1987. The couple has a daughter, namely Aditi. The best part of his success is the natural acting of the actor blended with his stylish southern Kannada slang of dialogues. 
He was born at Honnavar of the Mysore state. His brother's name is Shankar Nag. Anant Nagarakatte's prominent movie that he had acted was Malgudi days and the best part is that it was directed by his brother. This movie was made on the basis of the famous novel written by R.K.Narayan. His debut movie as an actor was Sankalpa that got released in the year 1973. 
Hamsageethe was his debut Kannada movie and the director of the movie was G.V.Iyer. He acted with Lakshya as a co-star and this pair was regarded to be a huge successful one as far as the South Indian movies are concerned. He contested in the elections for the Janatha Party in the years 1983, 1985 and 1985. His victory in politics happened in the year 1984 for the domain of Malleshwaram. He worked as a minister in BDA for the J.H.Patel's team.
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Indian-born Anant Nag is an actor whose performance is making the entertainment industry more attractive to the audience. Anant is born on 4th September 1948 and belongs to the zodiac sign called Virgo. Anant began his education in Karnataka. He married Gayathri on 9th April 1987.Their daughter, Aditi is a result of this union. His birth name is Anant Nagarkatte.

He is privileged to have had an experience with the best supervisors. Anand Ashram supervised him during his education at Chitrapur and southern part of Canara. He proceeded to Mumbai for higher studies. While in Mumbai, he had exposure in theatre performances for a  period. He joins a political party called “Janatha” during his stay in Mumbai. Anant is actively involved in the campaigns that the party organises, so as to ensure the elections of 1983, 1985 and 1989 are successfully won by the party.

He played a role in the movie titled “Sankalpa” in 1971.This blockbuster is a boost to the career of Anant. Girish Karnad’s instrumental role cannot be neglected. Karnad assists Anant in making his debut in the entertainment milieu. His fame in the film industry has increased over the years.

  In 1974, he performed in the movie titled “Ankur.” Director Shyam Bengal makes “Ankur” a success due to his excellent skills. Anant plays a lead role with a prominent actor like Shabani Asmi in “Ankur.”In 1975, Nag plays an indispensable role in “Nishant.” Bhumika”, an inspirational blockbuster is also released in 1977, and is admired by the numerous viewers.

His role in the movie titled “Kondra” in 1977 is worth appreciating. In 1981, he also performs in “Kaliyug”. He has demonstrated his skills in comedies like “Ganeshana Maduve,” “Yrigu Helbedi” and “Gauri Ganesha”. In 2015, he acted alongside Anantha Khrishna for the comedy titled “Vaastu Prakara.”He also plays a role in “ Mrugashira Click to look into! >> Read More... Mrugashira ”, a comedy released in 2015.In Mrugashira he performs with actors like Manasa Himavarsha Manasa Himavarsha is a South Indian actress. She w >> Read More... Manasa Himavarsha and Prajwal Devaraj Prajwal Devaraj is an actor from the Kannada film >> Read More... Prajwal Devaraj .

His recent movie is “ Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole Click to look into! >> Read More... Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole .” This is a drama released in 2016.Anant collaborates with actors like Suraj Gowda Suraj Gowda is a famous model turned Indian actor >> Read More... Suraj Gowda and Amulya.Khrishna Gowda plays the lead role in this drama. Anant has also demonstrated his talent in movies like “ Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu Click to look into! >> Read More... Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu ”, “U the end A” and “ Parapancha Click to look into! >> Read More... Parapancha ”, which are all released in 2016.

He has received best actor award for the movie titled “Michina Ota” in 1980.Anant has an award for “Hoosa Neer” in 2012 he is recognised for Dr Vishnuvardhan Award. He has won over seven Filmfare Awards in his career.




Shankar Nag

Shankar Nag, most influential and talented Kannada actor and director, who acted in around 90 Kannada movies, in a career spanning 12 years from 1978 to 1990. Shankar also produced R.K. Narayan's novel, Malgudi Days as a teleserial and also acted in it. He was also a part a Kannada theater. He co-wrote 22 June 1897, an Indian national award-winning Marathi film. One of his films, Autoraja is appreciated by the audience to the level that even now his posters are there on auto rickshaws of Karnataka even after 25 years of his death. He was also focused towards social improvement as his films portrayed that. He was of friendly nature and loved by all. Shankar Nag was a versatile personality and has left his mark on the Kannada Film Industry in many ways. Nationally, he will be remembered for his famous work, Malgudi Days, which was well directed and telecasted along. Personal Life: Shankar Nagarkatte, better known as Shankar Nag, was born to a Brahmin family on November 9, 1954, to Sadanand and Anandi Nagarkatte. After finishing his studies, Shankar Nag lived in Mumbai for some time. During this period, he was involved in Marathi theater. Incidentally, it was at this time that he met his wife, Arundhati. On Sep 30 1990, while on his way to Dharwad for a film shoot, Shankar Nag died in a car accident. Career: After completing his education from Mumbai, Shankar returned to Karnataka. When Shankar Nag shifted back to Karnataka, he began to get involved in the Kannada Movie Industry. Anant Nag, Shankar’s elder brother, was already a famous actor and Shankar Nag was offered a role in the movie Ondanondu Kaladalli in 1978 (debut). This debut movie, which became a classic hit in Kannada, earned him a National Award at the Delhi International Film Festival. He acted in around 90 movies. Among his major hits were movies like Auto Raja, Geetha, S.P. Sangliana and Minchina Ota. He also produced some movies with his brother Anant Nag. He directed a few movies like Janma Janmadha Anubandha, Geetha, and Minchina Ota. Minchina Ota, in which he starred along with his brother, is considered to be Shankar Nag’s best work as a director. Apart from the Kannada Film industry, Shankar Nag is best known for the television series Malgudi Days, based on R.K. Narayan’s popular work of the same name. Shankar Nag directed the series and the stories were taken from R.K. Narayan’s books like Malgudi Days, Swami and Friends, and the Vendor of Sweets. This popular series ran for thirty-nine episodes. Shanker had a strong relation with theater, and he always retained his love for theater even when he was a movie star. He and his wife Arundhati created an amateur theater group called Sanket, which still produces many plays. He set up Sanket Electronics, Karnataka’s first electronic recording studio, in Bangalore. Not only acting but he worked for the betterment of the state and also devised a Metro Railway project for Bangalore. He had many other plans and vision to create more, but unfortunately, his untimely death left many of his dreams unfulfilled. Awards: Shankar Nagarkatte received the prestigious ‘National Award at International Film Festival’, Delhi. He was also awarded state awards as a Director, that includes ‘Best Film’ award for seven times.

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