Kannada Supporting Actress ( 0 - 12 )

Niyah Krishna

Sowmya Ramakanth


Movie Isn’t Complete Without The Caste Supporting The Lead Roles

A Movie Isn’t Complete Without The Caste Supporting The Lead Roles. Supporting Actress Play Roles That Are Just Below The Lead Actress Or Roles Other Than The Lead Caste, They Play Various Kinds Of Roles, Best Friend, Mother, Sister, Love Interest, Villain Etc Ranging From Minor To Important Roles.

These Roles Build The Character Of The Story, Give The Story More Depth And Make It More Tangible. It Is Very Specific To Performance; An Actor Can Be In A Supporting Role In One Film And A Lead Role In The Next Film. Kannada Film And TV Production Industry Has Produced Several New Faces Into The Industry Through Supporting Roles.

Many A Time’s Actresses Start Their Careers In A Supporting Role And Rise To Fame Following Lead Roles While Others Make Their Name Being Supporting Actors, Making Their Characters Famous And Loved By Many. Here Is The List Of Kannada Industry’s Famous Supporting Actresses, Without Whom The Movies We Love And Cherish The Most Won’t Be All That Great!