Top 10 Indian Short Films That Won The Hearts

Top 10 Indian Short Films That Won The Hearts Hindi Article

It is challenging to fulfill the motive of any film in a short duration of time. But Indian television does this job beautifully and creatively. You would love to watch these short films without any boredom. Here are some interesting short films you can watch in a short duration.



This short film was released on 2 March 2020 by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, directed by Priyanka Banerjee Priyanka Banerjee is a director in Hindi Entertain >> Read More... Priyanka Banerjee , Starring Kajol Devgan, Shruti Haasan Shruti Hassan is an Indian film actress born on 28 >> Read More... Shruti Haasan , Neha Dhupia Neha Dhupia is a Bollywood actress who began her c >> Read More... Neha Dhupia , , Shivangi Raghuvanshi, etc. This film revolves around a group of women who are living together in one small room. They all have different personalities, a religious Hindu woman, a medical student, three older women, a career-oriented woman, a modern girl, and a girl in a burqa. These women are doing their jobs until someone knocks on the door. They all started arguing that they can't let someone enter the room because the room is small. But the religious women said we couldn't do that, at least we should open the door; later they opened the door and were shocked after seeing the person from the other side, a small girl. One thing was common in those women that they all were raped and murdered.



Chutney is one of the most viewed short films on YouTube, released on 28 November 2016, written and directed by Jyoti Kapur Das Jyoti Kapur Das is an Indian-Director. Along with >> Read More... Jyoti Kapur Das , starring Tisca Chopra Tisca Zareen Chopra (Nee Arora) is a talented and >> Read More... Tisca Chopra and Rasika Dugal Rasika Dugal is an Indian actress, who predominant >> Read More... Rasika Dugal . It revolves around the housewife named Vanita, who watched her husband flirting with a girl named Rasika. Vanita invited Rasika to her home and gossiped about the chutney served to her. She tells her that she used organic food items, which was grown in her house, and tells Rasika about her servant, how he murdered, and she buried him underneath the green chilies ground. She indirectly warned her to stay away from her husband.



Noor is the short film, released on 14 February 2020, written and directed by Kiran Nagdev Kiran Nagdev is an Indian director and producer wh >> Read More... Kiran Nagdev . This film revolves around a girl who finds peace in a noisy city; she wants to tell her pain to her parents who weren't paying attention to what's happening to their daughter. One night, Noor ( Tanishka Vishe Tanishka Vishe is a television actress and dancer. >> Read More... Tanishka Vishe ) comes to her maid's home and spends some quality time, telling her pain to the maid Laxmi (Jaya Bhattacharya). Laxmi was upset after listening to her story and take her home, where Laxmi was shocked to see the dead body of Noor, who committed suicide.



Kasturi is a film based on finding inner peace. It was released on 20 September 2020, written by Naveen Sandhu, directed by Ashu Chabra, starring Shiva Dagar Shiva Dagar is an Indian Film Actor. He works in t >> Read More... Shiva Dagar , Yash Choudhary "Yash Choudhary is an individual who offers signif >> Read More... Yash Choudhary , Khushboo Kamal Khushboo Kamal is an aspiring Indian actress who a >> Read More... Khushboo Kamal , and Shalini Hirani. This story revolves around two friends who are working hard to fulfill their dreams, but the journey makes them lost and tired. They want to find peace but unable to understand that peace lies inside them.




Kriti is the psychological thriller short film, released on 22 June 2016, directed by Shirish Kundar, starring Manoj Bajpayee Born on 23 April 1969, Manoj Bajpai is first a Bol >> Read More... Manoj Bajpayee , Radhika Apte Radhika Apte, an Indian actress was born on Sept 7 >> Read More... Radhika Apte , and Neha Sharma Neha Sharma is born in Bihar. But she migrated to >> Read More... Neha Sharma . This story revolves around a man, Sapan, who struggles with a mental disorder and consults the psychiatrist, Dr. Kalpana. One day he told her that he fell in love with the beautiful girl named Kirti, but he was unable to identify that she was his real love. Everything that happens around him is either real or imagined, which makes it difficult to connect. Dr. Kalpana was helping him to figure out the things around him.



That Day After Every Day is an emotional short film that shows the cruel reality of the world. This film released on 29 October 2013, written by Nitin Bhardwaj, directed by Anurag Kashyap Born on 10th September 1972, Anurag Kashyap has es >> Read More... Anurag Kashyap , starring Sandhya Mridul Sandhya Mridul is once again one of the popular fa >> Read More... Sandhya Mridul , Radhika Apte, Geetanjali Thapa Geetanjali Thapa is a National Award winning Bolly >> Read More... Geetanjali Thapa , and Arannya Kaur. It revolves around the three women who were feeling unsafe and struggle with eve-teasing every day. They battle for themselves every day and try to overcome their situations.


It is an urban crime short film, released on 30 January 2019, written and directed by Vikram Chandirramani, starring Rohan Gandotra Rohan, is like the guy next door, right from the t >> Read More... Rohan Gandotra , Samvedna Suwalka Samvedna Suwalka is an Indian actress who was born >> Read More... Samvedna Suwalka , Niharika Raizada, and Deepak Daryani Deepak Daryani is an Indian actor. He was born and >> Read More... Deepak Daryani . This story revolves around a married man named Kabir who wants to be an actor, but his rich wife Neha forced him to take care of her dad's business. Kabir was economically unstable and relied on his wife. He had an extramarital affair and his girlfriend forced him to divorce Neha and marry her. They both want Neha's money, so he decided to murder Neha, but time turned out of the situation.


Gutthi is the thriller based short film, released on 5 March 2014, directed by Abhishek Chatterjee Abhishek Chatterjee is an Indian Film and Televisi >> Read More... Abhishek Chatterjee , starring Ratna Shekhar Reddy, Naren Yadav Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Naren Yadav , and Choeeta Chakrabarti Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Choeeta Chakrabarti . This story revolves around a one-night conversation between a writer and the garbage collector. Writers are always curious to know about the things happening around them; Anand Ranjan was one of them. He was interested in Khalil, a garbage collector, after watching him search for something in the garbage. One night he invited him for a drink, and they gossiped about an idol linked with them.


This short film was written and directed by Maitreya Bajpayi and Rameez Ilhaam Khan, featuring Jacky Bhagnani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Nawazuddin Siddiqui was born in Budhana in Muzaffa >> Read More... Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Prachi Desai A true Virgo at heart, Prachi Desai was born at Su >> Read More... Prachi Desai . This story revolves around the shortage of oxygen on earth in 2067. This futuristic film defines the scarcity of oxygen and water and its adverse effects on the environment.


It is a short film released on 12th December 2014, directed by Sooraj Puthiyedam, starring Anil Raj, Rahul and Baskar. This film revolves around the injurious effect of smoking and its side-effects, dangerously warning the smoker about the dark and horrible world, leading to death. This short film won many national and international awards.