Top 10 Indian Comedy Web Series

Top 10 Indian Comedy Web Series Hindi Article

When it comes to making the world laugh, then the Indian entertainment industry never disappoints you. They have released many comedy web series, which makes you never bored while watching them, and it's hard to ignore it. Here is the list of some audience loved comedy web series which stick you to the television and watch them again and again.



College Romance College Romance is a Hindi romantic comedy series >> Read More... College Romance is one of the hilarious web series based on fun, Romance, and friendship during college life. This web series makes you feel about your golden days in college. It released released on 7 August 2018. This story revolves around three friends Naira(), Trippy( Manjot Singh Manjot Singh was born to a Sikh family, in Delhi o >> Read More... Manjot Singh ), and Karan ( Keshav Sadhna Keshav Sadhna is a Hindi supporting actor, known f >> Read More... Keshav Sadhna ), with their college lovers Bagga( Gagan Arora Gagan Arora is a popular actor who is becoming fam >> Read More... Gagan Arora ), Deepika ( Shreya Mehta Shreya Mehta is an Indian Model, Actress, Choreogr >> Read More... Shreya Mehta ), and Raveena( Hira Ashar Hira Ashar is an Indian Model and Television Actre >> Read More... Hira Ashar ). These three friends have great bonding and have different love stories, leading them to spend a dramatic life in their college days. This web series makes you laugh till the end, and you want to watch it again.



' Panchayat Panchayat is a web series premiered on Amazon Prim >> Read More... Panchayat ' is the wittiest web series, released on 3 April 2020, starring Jitendra Kumar Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor. He was born on >> Read More... Jitendra Kumar , Neena Gupta Neena Gupta is a very popular and well-known figur >> Read More... Neena Gupta , Faisal Malik Faisal Malik is an Indian producer working for the >> Read More... Faisal Malik , Raghubir Yadav Raghubir Yadav is an Indian movie, television and >> Read More... Raghubir Yadav , etc. This story revolves around the fresh engineering graduate boy Abhishek Tripathi ( Jitendra Kumar), who doesn't get placement in his college and forced to do a low salary job in a village named Phulera as a Panchayat Secretary, where he struggles every night to stay there because of the stupidity of the villagers and wants to leave his job as soon as possible. This story gives you the reason for nonstop laughing.



Hostel Daze is one of the funniest web series, released on 13 December 2019. It revolves around the four hostel mates Ankit, Chiraag, Jaat, and Jhaant. This story tells the ups and downs during hostel Life and how we settled down, making new friends, bonds with roommates, how to escape from seniors from ragging, and how to make good or bad memories. After watching this funny web series, you will miss your Hostel days. It gives you the memories of one of the most beautiful journeys of life, "hostel days."



Flames is the story of Teenage romance revolves around the topper boy named Rajat(Ritvik Sahore), preparing for JEE. One day a girl named Ishita(Tanya Maniktala)enters his coaching batch, and he has a crush on her and wants to spend some time with her. This story tells the Teenage crush and those crazy friends who helped you surround yourself with your girlfriend. Anusha(Sonakshi Grover) and Gaurav Pandey(Shivam Kakar) also stand by as friends.




Bang Baaja Baarat is a romantic-comedy web series, showing the combination of two crazy families, revolves around the love story of Shahana Arora(Angira Dhar) and Pawan Sharma Pawan Sharma is a renowned face in Indian film ind >> Read More... Pawan Sharma ( Ali Fazal Ali Fazal is an Indian actor who was born on 15th >> Read More... Ali Fazal ) and their struggle to tie the knot outside their religion and caste. You can see the contention of their families in the whole series and find out that it makes you laugh out loud.

6. F. A. T. H. E. R. S


This web series has all the potential to deliver tons of happy smiles. This story revolves around the three father's Srivastava ( Manoj Joshi Manoj Joshi is an Indian television, theatre and f >> Read More... Manoj Joshi ), Yadav( Virendra Saxena Virendra Saxena is another senior actor in Bollywo >> Read More... Virendra Saxena ), and Mehta( Rakesh Bedi Rakesh Bedi along with Staish Shah can be termed a >> Read More... Rakesh Bedi ), they retired from their job and wants to spend their life with their family, still, they find difficult to understand the new generation ideas and thoughts. They decided to mold themselves in the new generation ideas and explore the virtual world of Mobile.


Man's world is a comedy web series that shows that every gender has a specific role in society. This web series, released on 29 September 2015 revolves around the boy named Kiran (Gaurav Pandey), who thinks that society favors women better than men, and it's easy to live as a woman. After struggling with his thoughts, he wishes to god that he wants to be a woman. The next morning, he finds himself as a woman, and after some time, he faces many difficulties, which makes him realize that it's not easy to be a woman in society.


This story brings a lot of good memories, as well as bad bonds, friends turned enemies, enemies turned friends, and all the tantrums happened. This story revolves around two groups led by Jo(Srishti Srivastava) and Zahira Ali(Parul Gulati), who were best friends once, but an incident turned them into enemies. So, this web series makes you reminisce about your hostel tantrums and those bonds.


This web series, released on 31 March 2017, which revolves around the simple and sweet girl Bisht and her misadventures journey of life. She has a best friend who always tries hard to solve her issues. Bisht wants to fit in society, but no one understands her as they have their mindsets. This web series makes you laugh as well as make you feel to see the world in different ways.


The Aam Aadmi Family is a comedy based web series, released on 5 November 2016 that revolves around the crazy and middle-class Sharma family. Each member of this family has different personalities like a gossiping grandmother, a religious mom, and a hard-working father and their two grown-ups kids who nicely handle the craziness of their middle- class family. This web series is worth watching.