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Kannada Movie Actor Sunil
  • DOB : 01-04-1964
  • Date of death: 24-07-1994
  • Lived For : 29 Years
  • Star Sign : Aries
  • Gender : Male
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Sunil was one of the famous and talented actors of the Indian film industry. He mainly worked in the Kannada film industry. He was born on 1 April 1964 in Yedthady, Udupi in Karnataka. He worked in the film industry for an approximate period of four to five years. After a few years of his career in films, he, unfortunately, died on 24 July 1994 due to a car accident.

He was traveling with actress Malashri and the producer Sachin Mally from Bagalakote to Bangalore when a truck hit their car. It is also heard that at that time Sunil and Malashri had an affair and they were going to get married soon. The actress Malashri suffered from lots of injuries while Sunil could not be saved and dies under an hour of the accident.

During his lifetime, he worked in more than thirty Kannada feature films. Some of them are Belli Kalungura, SindhooraThilaka, MalashreeMamashree, Sahasi, Mana MecchidaSose, NagaradalliNayakaru, Marana Mrudanga, NaguNagutaNali, ThavarumaneUdugore, Mangalya Mangalya is a Kannada television serial broadcast >> Read More... , KiladiGandu, CBI Shiva, AnathaRashaka, SnehadaKadalalli, Shambhavi, ObbariginthaObbaru, Kaliyuga Seethe, MecchidaMadumaga, Dakshayini, September 8, BisiRaktha, and Shruthi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... .

The film “Shruthi” was one of the most successful films of his career. This film gave him the opportunity to work with the director Dwarakish who was also its producer. The film released in the theatres in 1990 under the banner of the production company called “Abhilash Enterprises.” It is a Kannada language film which is a remake of the hit Tamil film called PudhuVasantham whose director was Vikraman.

He played the lead role in this film along with the actors Shruti, Dileep, Honnavalli Krishna Honnavalli Krishna is a film actor. He mainly acts >> Read More... , and Indudhar who were also in the lead roles. The film is a musical drama that shows the story of four friends who are struggling to become musicians and they meet a girl named Shruthi by chance, who is searching for her lover. In the film “Mana MecchidaSose,” he worked under the direction of B. Ramamurthy and the production of KumareshBabu and BhadravathiGovindu under the production company named “Golden Creations.”

It released on 19 August 1992. He worked with the actress Malashri and actor Abhijith. It is a remake of a Malayalam film “ChakkikothaChankaran” that released in 1989. His few years in the Tamil film industry made his remark in it, and he is remembered even today by all of us.

Another Version Of This Bio

Sunil is an actor in the entertainment industry. He was born on 1 April 1964 in Udupi, Karnataka. He worked in various films, such as “Bisi Raktha,” which focuses on the group of unemployed friends, who are looking for a stable job in a dwindling economy and on the other hand, a group of women, who are also finding employment and decide to work for risky jobs. It was released on 31 December 1998 and was directed by S. Shivakumar, “Shruthi,” which focuses on the story of four friends, who wants to become musician and meets with a woman, who was searching for her lover.

However, they decide to help each other and form a partnership. Sunil plays the role of Krishna in this movie. It was released on 24 October 1990 and was directed by Dwarakish, “Nadasurabhi,” which was directed by A.K. Pattabhi, “C.B.I. Shiva,” which focuses on the characters of three educated youths, who are unemployed and decide to campaign for a politician for winning the election. However, the politician doesn’t not help them in finding job leading to three of them making a plan to kill him. Sunil plays the role of Indudhar in this film.

It was directed by B. Ramamurthy, “Nagunagutha Nali,” which was directed by Bhargava, “Thavarumane Udugore,” which was released on 26 April 1991 and was directed by B. Subba Rao Subba Rao, also known as Vepada Subba Rao, is an I >> Read More... , “Anatha Rakshaka,” which focuses on the character of anatha rakshaka, who is a criminal and escapes from prison to kill Kiran’s parents. However, when Dr. Tejaswini gets to know about his illegal activities and tries to expose him leading to no one believes her in the village.

It was released on 19 October 1991 and was directed by T. Janardhan, “Mangalya,” which was released on 10 December 1991 and was directed by B. Subba Rao, “Amma Kadupu Chellaga,” which was directed by Bolana Subbha Rao, “Halli Krishna Delhi Radha,” which was released on 10 August 1992 and was directed by P.V. Raju, “Obbarigintha Obbaru,” which was directed by A.M. Sameevulla, “Malashree Mamashree,” which was directed by Om Saiprakash Prakash Reddy aka Om Sai Prakash is an Indian prod >> Read More... , “Mana Mecchida Sose,” in which he plays the role of Shankar.

It was released on 19 August 1992 and was directed by B. Ramamurthy, “Nagaradalli Nayakaru,” “Snehada Kadalalii,” “Belli Kalungura,” “Sindhoora Thilaka,” “Sahasi,” “Marana Mrudanga,” “Kaliyuga Seethe,” which was released on 27 November 1992 and was directed by Vijay “Devar Veettu Ponnu,” “ Urmila Story soon >> Read More... ,” “Dakshayini,” “Mecchida Madumaga,” “September 8,” and “ Panjarada Gili Story Coming Soon. >> Read More... ,” 


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