Jeetu Malkani is an actor, known for his roles in Balaji Telefilm’s Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii (2000), and Sahara One’s Ghar Ek Sapnaa.

Jeetu was a hot topic back in the month of September 2007, when rumors were rampant about him being kicked out by Balaji telefilms due to his behavior/ acting. It was fueled even more when he took a break of 3-4 months, came back & joined Sahara One’s project, instead of returning to Balaji.

But when asked for his side of the story, Jeetu did explain that he left the serial & took a break because of hectic shooting schedules, health issues caused by that stress, and him suffering from Jaundice. As per him, he did try to talk to Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... Ekta Kapoor , but he was being forced to work even when he was not well and had 104 fever. His doctor suggested him a rest of 15 days, but Balaji asked him to work on the 3rd day itself. And he says that because of the same reason of hectic schedules, he refused an offer of a lead role in Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil. Additionally, he says that he believes in one serial at a time, so he can put his complete efforts in the project. He also claims that he still had a good rapport with Ekta.

Jeetu celebrates his birthday on 26th March, and is married to , who is also an actor. An interesting fact is: this couple has worked as a brother & sister onscreen, and Jeetu did act so well that no one can believe that they are married in real life. He has a well stocked bar at home and his friends like to gift him various drinks to make his collection even more great. When he throws a party, he makes sure that his driver drops home all the guests who drink at his party. When asked for his most memorable party, he talks about the party he did throw when he was in college. That party had a disco theme. Another memory he has is of his sixth birthday, when his dad did throw a party and invited around 350 people. He has the tape of that party, and likes to watch it.

Jeetu believes that he is financially secure and in no hurry for work. Acting is just his passion and not his profession.