Yudhistir is an Indian Actor, and a model that played his role in various Cinema movies and Television shows. He was born on 26th March 1984 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in the family of Muslim. Yudhistir did his schooling from Govt. Higher Secondary School, Maharashtra. He is very intelligent and talented boy from his childhood and he is very naughty guy. He is very hard worker, spiritual, self-confident, smart, team spirit, patient, serious, self-motivated guy. And these are the life skill reasons behind his success in his career as an Actor. He did his graduation from Delhi University. He had the dream of his career as an Actor when he was just 9 years old. He was also a good anchor and stager performer in his school time. He did his Bachelor of Laws LLB from New College of Law in Pune and started his business in an event management company. Yudhistir is very popular for his Television serials like Kya Mast Hai Life, Jhaansi Kii Rani Mira Bhai, Best of Luk Nikkii, Navyaa Nayi Dhadkan Naye Sawal. He is known for his role as Veer Mehra in the television show of Disney Channel Kya Mast Haii Life, Nana Saheb in Jhaansi Kii Rani, Riteshmukh in Best of Luk Nikkii, Nitya Anand in Teri Meri Love Story, Yudhisthira in Mahabharat and various other popular Television shows. He was awarded by various awards like Disney Most Favourite Award, Big Television Award, Indian Telly Award, Star Pariwaar Award and various Awards.

Abhay Shukla Hindi Actor

Abhay Shukla

Abhay Shukla is an Indian personality. He is mainly recognised for his work in ' CID' series. He was born on 22nd September 1984 in the house of the Police Inspector of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. His father's name is Vijay Shukla, who is known for his strictness as a Police Inspector. He wanted his son to do something for his country as a civil officer, but Abhay Shukla aspired to become an actor. His father forced him to go for coaching, as an aspirant for Civil Service Exam but Abhay was against it. Despite all this struggle, Abhay got the chance to host the most famous crime series,'Adalaat' which started in the year 2010. Now he is mainly known for his role in CID as Sub Inspector. He is playing his role at CID, 2013 onwards and all of India knows him as Abhay Shukla CID. He also played a small role in the super hit movie 'Holiday' which was released in the year 2014. His father is proud and happy for him, as he is playing the role of Sub-Inspector in 'CID', fulfilling his father’s dream by doing a Civil Service. 'CID' is an investigative series in which criminal cases are solved by the Crime Investigating Department, abbreviated as CID. This show motivates the young people to work hard and to never commit any crime or otherwise they may even have to loose their life. Abhay is happy with his work as an Actor in the blockbuster crime show CID. Another Version Of Bio: Our television is a platform for the celebrities to represent their skill and performance. It is the place of presentation of actors and entertainment for the audience. It had a variety of shows and serials. TV star awards also give them an appreciation for the best act. Abhay Shukla is also related to the TV series CID; where he seems in the role of Sub Inspector Nikhil. It is a Hindi series come on Sony channel. Abhay Shukla as a Nikhil is a part of CID team. He did a great job in his work. His work was supporting because he saw in different characters in the same serial. Abhay Shukla is an upcoming artist, who had just started his career from serial CID. He was born on 22 September 1984 in India. He appears in a special appearance also in Hindi movie Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty. It is a Hindi thriller action film. The writer and director of this debut are A. R. Murugadoss. It completes in the production of Vipul Shah. Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha are starring in it. It is the remake of Tamil movie Thappakki and a big blockbuster. Abhay seems in television serials Santana (2007), Shubh Kadam (2009) and CID. Santaan and Shubh Kadam are the family drama, but CID is a thriller, action and detective series. It is visualised on India’s Crime Investigation Department. Director and producer are B. P. Singh and present on Sony Entertainment Television. It locates in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is full of suspense. It plots in five police officers and a forensic expert. Abhay is introduced in it as a supporting actor. On Star Plus, his serial Santaan - Har Khushi Hai Tumse is a production of Shakuntalam Telefilms. Its location is in Kanpur. Its director is Ismail Umar Khan, Sujeet Singh, and Inder Das.His serial Shubh Kadam is a Horror television series came on Sahara One. The story is of Inhuman Sinhala and dialogues were of Sager Gupta. The story is of a girl Pratha, who is suffering an evil spirit and the indulgence of the family. Abhay Shukla is an enormous artist. Just now he is struggling but hopes he will come in leading roles soon. He is a responsible and social personality also. Recently he acclaimed a Public Health System: computer monitoring System. He is not only serious; he is jollying nature also. He is an upcoming artist and soon we will see him on any channel. Thanks.


Yuri Suri

Yuri Suri is an Indian Pilot, Actor, FM Broadcaster, Master of Quizzes, Trainer, Professor and a Motivator who was known for his achievements in the profession of Fighter Pilot and who played his role in various Cinema movies and Television shows. He was born on 22nd August 1950 in the city of Delhi, India. For 20 years of his life he was fighter pilot of Air Force. He was also shortlisted as Indian astronaut in the year of 1992. But in 1992, he left his career as an pilot and started his career as broadcaster of FM Radio. He visited many countries as a Indian guest for their Radio Channels. He also worked as a trainer to teach the young age students about the Art of Speaking and gave them the training related to Art of Radio. He also used to Anchor various FM Radio Stations to hold Quiz and Road Watch show. In the year of 1997 he started conducting lectures, training and workshops in various colleges of India especially in the city of Delhi. He believed that Life skills a winner are his Self Confidence, Spirit to win, Hard work, patience and team work and it is the only difference between a loser and winner. After that, in the year of 2000 he started his career as an Actor of television and Bollywood movie like his role as Jamaal in the movie Kites, Rajkumar Khangar in the movie Jodha Akabar, Pasha in the movie Lamhaa, Paaji in Sharafat Gayii Tel Lenne, and in his best Movie named Aisha in which he played his role as Col. Singh. He struggled and worked a lot in his life and now he has Name and Fame in whole world.

Yuri Suri Hindi Actor