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Jaivanth is a popular Kollywood actor who is known for his films Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali and Mathiya Chennai. Jaivanth is a man of true faith. He has the ability to comprehend with people and celebrate idealism. He has very good communication skills which would surely lay him a very good foundation for his professional career. Jaivanth could be observed as a hardworking person who always tries to justify his roles. He has a very good physique and spends the majority of time in meditation. Mathiya Chennai is the title of the debut film of Jaivanth which was released in 2009. Vivekanand & Veerasingam are the directors of the film. This film also has Prakash raj as one of its lead cast. Jaivanth appears like an upcoming director who is passionate about films. Later he is attracted by the heroine who is the daughter of the popular gangster. When this comes to the acknowledgment of the gangster, he prevents Jaivanth film form screening after all the works are crystal clearly done. Using this basic story line, Jaivanth tried contributing hundred percent from his side. But the movie ended with poor reviews and became a flop in the box office. Almost after a year less than a decade, he has done his second project Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali directed by Youreka which was released on 3 August 2018. It is a social-psycho thriller which is used to reflect the conditions of a common man in Tamil Nadu. Jaivanth exactly fitted into the role of the cop who is violent, acting like a psycho by setting other vehicles into the fire and he said that the film deals with how a local Tamilian feels embarrassed living under the north Indians who are grabbing their job opportunities in their own state. Jaivanth is used as a medium to telecast the common perception of Tamilians that they are being enslaved in their own land. Jaivanth expresses that the film is used as a medium to portray the frustration and resentment concerns of the people. The film has Ira Agarwal, a Rajasthani actress in the female lead role. Munnar Ramesh, Mari Muthu, and Aadukalam Naren also played crucial roles in the film. Audience rated it very low beside then bad reviews. Jaivanth can build up a concrete illuminated future by concentrating, implementing and promoting his idealistic views and thoughts.

Jaivanth Tamil Actor