K L Praveen

Other names of K L Praveen: Praveen K. L., Kuchipudi Latha Praveen

K L Praveen whose full name is Kuchipudi Latha Praveen is a famous Indian film editor who has worked with many notable directors. Praveen mainly works in the Kollywood industry and has showcased his editing skills in many popular movies and has received accolades for the same. The Andhra Pradesh born editor wanted to pursue a degree in Bio-Technology when he was 17 but unfortunately the number of seats was already full for the course. He had an entire year on his hand and didn't wish to waste that time without doing anything productive. As a result, he started learning to edit in some studios. Most of his family members including his father used to work in the movie industry, but he had a lack of interest to work there.

His father worked for a Telugu Satellite Channel named ETV and Praveen did a four month internship there to hone his video editing skills. His part-time job at Eenadu Television saw him being offered a permanent position in the company. He went on to work for ETV for the next four years. Praveen's video editing resume in ETV included him working in the network produced soap operas such as Anweshitha and other news shows. Later on, Praveen worked more than 1 and a half year under cinematographer Balu Mahendra Balanathan Benjamin Mahendran was born in a Sri La >> Read More... Balu Mahendra for Kadhai Neram Kadhai Neram was a drama series that aired on Sun >> Read More... Kadhai Neram which was directed by the latter himself. He visited Singapore to work on a two-month assignment requested by his friend. He met Venkat Prabhu Venkat Prabhu is a multifaceted and multitalented >> Read More... Venkat Prabhu in the coming days and immediately had an offer to edit a Telugu film.

He came back to India to do editing in Chennai 28 and later worked on as a freelancer which prompted him to channels like Discovery and others. But fate again turned his career. He was never quite interested in making video editing in movies as his prime career choice. Venkat approached him again and asked him to work on another film. He continued editing movies like Kandasamy and Saroja. This resulted in him shifting base from Singapore to Chennai each week. Finally, he realized his potential in video editing and started taking the profession more seriously.

Praveen's collaboration with N. B. Srikanth has continued for a long time and has resulted in the making of several successful films in the Kollywood industry. He has gone on to work in more than 50 films of varied languages and is currently busy on many notable projects. His editing skills along with Srikanth has been appreciated by many award shows and fetched them the Best Editor Award for the movie named Saroja. Probably the biggest accomplishment of K L Praveen's career was when he won the most prestigious movie award of India; he received the national award for best editing in " Aaranya Kaandam Click to look into! >> Read More... Aaranya Kaandam " which was a successful Tamil movie.

Leo John Paul Tamil Actor

Leo John Paul

Leo John Paul is a film technician in the field of editing and has over a decade of experience. This film editor of Tamil Film industry has earlier been associated with the making of the “Kolaveri-D song” as a video editor. Since then he has never looked back and has grabbed the attention of cinemagoers of editing many Kollywood movies one after another. Now, he is an independent film editor and has worked in every CV Kumar’s film productions till date. After getting a visual communication degree, the editor was involved in making of short films and documentaries. In the year 2007, he worked as spot editor in Gautam Menon’s movie ‘Vaaranam Aayiram ‘ and had got to learn editing aspect by working with a high-caliber editorAnthony Gonsalvez. Although Leo John was interested in every aspect of filmmaking yet concepts of editing had touched his heart and soul.   In 2012, he became an independent editor in Pa.Ranjith's movie 'Attakathi'. Then he worked on several projects such as ‘Pizza’ ‘Pizza-II: Villa’, ‘Settai’ ‘and 'Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara' and ‘Soodhu Kavvum’. All these films were blockbuster movies and each film had a different director. This provided Leo John Paul to learn various aspects of editing and become a thorough professional. Although this film editor has worked successfully so far in 14 movies, one of his movies (Vaaranam Aayiram) did not see the date of release yet. As technology grew, the job description of film editors too had expanded. Leo John had to even work for the release of teaser and trailer. Film editing is actually the technical aspect of the post production of filmmaking,  Leo John Paul has to watch the movie in great detail, he has to re-order the shots and scenes, shorten the length of the movie and even cut film slates and even edit dialogue sometimes. Every job that he has worked either in 'Mundasupatti' or even 'Enakkul Oruvan' is indeed a creative aspect, as he has to give finishing touches to the movie. Sometimes he has to remove the unnecessary scenes and even fits pieces of scenes to make the film interesting. The job is much more than cutting and adding footage.His latest release has been ‘Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum’ which released this year.


Anil Krishnan

Anil Krishnan is an Indian director, writer and film editor. He graduated from the GRD School of Science with expertise in the field of colour grading and film editing. Krishnan is a born prodigy, according to some, who began editing film songs by the age of 15 and had decided that he wanted to make a career in the entertainment industry. He shifted to Chennai with his family in search of a job. It was here that he met director RS Prasanna at a film editing workshop, who was later to become his mentor. Krishnan wanted to become a director, but became popular for his editing skills after he worked on a TV show called "Naalaya Iyakunar". A Post that he made a short film titled "Kanupuddi" with director Arun Sudhakar. Krishnan went on to open Pixelite Studios, which he runs in partnership with Jerin Raja, a friend and a software engineer. He is currently working as the editor on an English film titled "On A Quest", directed by 'Prasanna'. The film is based on the life of Swami Chinmayananda, who was a Hindu spiritual leader and who formed the Chinmaya Mission. Prasanna says that he was inspired by Kamal Hasan’s "Hey Ram" while the making of this film. Krishnan says that editing this particular film has been an exciting experience as he gets to travel with the crew to sites and locations and the perk of being an editor is that you get to see the movie before it releases. Simultaneously, he is also working on a short feature film script that he will direct. His best works include the short film "Lost Paradise", about a man who was in jail for fifteen years and what his hopes are for life after prison; "Idhuvam Kadandu Pogam", a tragic love story and "Bench Talkies-The First Bench", a series of six films portraying various life stories. Talking about his life and love for movies, Krishnan goes on to say that films are more of a business venture than anything else, and these are little appreciation for real talent. There is little admiration for the work that goes into the scripting, editing, sound score, dubbing, and other elements involved in the making of a film. Despite that, he wants to live in and make a living out of the movies. He wants to be renowned as a short film director someday.

Anil Krishnan Tamil Actor