Anil Krishnan Tamil Actor
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Anil Krishnan is an Indian director, writer and film editor. He graduated from the GRD School of Science with expertise in the field of colour grading and film editing. Krishnan is a born prodigy, according to some, who began editing film songs by the age of 15 and had decided that he wanted to make a career in the entertainment industry. He shifted to Chennai with his family in search of a job. It was here that he met director RS Prasanna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... RS Prasanna at a film editing workshop, who was later to become his mentor. Krishnan wanted to become a director, but became popular for his editing skills after he worked on a TV show called "Naalaya Iyakunar". A Post that he made a short film titled "Kanupuddi" with director Arun Sudhakar. Krishnan went on to open Pixelite Studios, which he runs in partnership with Jerin Raja, a friend and a software engineer.

He is currently working as the editor on an English film titled " On A Quest Click to look into! >> Read More... On A Quest ", directed by ' Prasanna Prasanna is a South Indian actor who was born on 2 >> Read More... Prasanna '. The film is based on the life of Swami Chinmayananda, who was a Hindu spiritual leader and who formed the Chinmaya Mission. Prasanna says that he was inspired by Kamal Hasan’s " Hey Ram Click to look into! >> Read More... Hey Ram " while the making of this film.

Krishnan says that editing this particular film has been an exciting experience as he gets to travel with the crew to sites and locations and the perk of being an editor is that you get to see the movie before it releases. Simultaneously, he is also working on a short feature film script that he will direct.

His best works include the short film "Lost Paradise", about a man who was in jail for fifteen years and what his hopes are for life after prison; "Idhuvam Kadandu Pogam", a tragic love story and "Bench Talkies-The First Bench", a series of six films portraying various life stories. Talking about his life and love for movies, Krishnan goes on to say that films are more of a business venture than anything else, and these are little appreciation for real talent. There is little admiration for the work that goes into the scripting, editing, sound score, dubbing, and other elements involved in the making of a film. Despite that, he wants to live in and make a living out of the movies. He wants to be renowned as a short film director someday.