Deepa Jagadeesh

Other names of Deepa Jagadeesh: Deepa Hiremath
Deepa Jagadeesh Kannada Actress
  • DOB : 07-12-1996
  • Age : 25
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Deepa Jagadeesh is an actress who is popular in Kannada and Telugu serials and movies. Deepa was born on 7th December 1996 in Dharwad, Karnataka. She did her schooling at Presentation Composite Girls High School and went to Presentation Composite Girls PU College. She also went to Karnataka State Law University, Hubli. Deepa started her career as an actress with the film Preethi Keli Sneha Kaledukollabedi in 2018. Dinesh Baboo Among the success stories of cinematographer turne >> Read More... Dinesh Baboo directed the film. Deepa shared the screen space with Chaitra, Darshan, and Raj. Deepa shared the screen space with “ Vanisri Vanisri is a south Indian actress who shot to fame >> Read More... Vanisri ,” Mukesh Gowda Mukesh Gowda is an actor who is famous for his per >> Read More... Mukesh Gowda , and “Pramodhini” in the E TV Telugu serial, Prema Nagar Prema Nagar is a Telugu serial broadcast on the ET >> Read More... Prema Nagar . Following the response for this serial, it is remade in Malayalam as “ Manasinakkare Story Soon >> Read More... Manasinakkare ” and Bengali as Mom Palok. Deepa had also played the lead role in Brahmastra on Udaya TV. Thilak directed the series. Along with Deepa Jagadeesh, the serial had Pramod, Triveni, Ashok Hedge, Shailasri, Sudharshan, and Vinay Koudinya.

Deepa had also played in the Kannada serial, Kavyanjali as Anjali. She shared the screen space with Pavan Ravindra Pavan Ravindra was born on October 21, 1992, in Hy >> Read More... Pavan Ravindra , Darshak Gowda Darshak Gowda is an Indian actor, who mainly works >> Read More... Darshak Gowda , Mithun Tejasvi Mithun Tejasvi is an Indian film actor who has maj >> Read More... Mithun Tejasvi , Abhinaya, Rekha Das, and Tennis Krishna Tennis Krishna was born on 15th November 1949 near >> Read More... Tennis Krishna in Kavyanjali. Adarsh Hegde directed the series that is telecast on Udaya TV. Deepa Jagadeesh had also played in Critical Keerthanegalu, directed by Kumaar. Deepa shared the screen space with Suchendra Prasad Suchendra Prasad, the name very common to the thea >> Read More... Suchendra Prasad , Tabla Nani He is a very famous Indian actor. Tabla Nani is wo >> Read More... Tabla Nani , Rajesh Nataranga Rajesh Nataranga is a famous Indian actor and writ >> Read More... Rajesh Nataranga , Apoorva Bharadwaj After pursuing her advancement, she moved to Manga >> Read More... Apoorva Bharadwaj , Yasha Abhi, Aruna Balaraj, Apurva Bharadwaj, Raghu Pandeshwar Raghu Pandeshwar is an Indian actor, popular among >> Read More... Raghu Pandeshwar , Gururaja Hoskote, and Master Mahendra.

Another Version

Deepa Hiremath is one of the most beautiful and renowned TV actresses in India who wholeheartedly works for the Kannada entertainment industry. Deepa was born on December 7th, 1996 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Deepa's caliber was not hidden from anyone; that's why opportunities knocked on her door instantly. She made her debut with Preethi Keli Sneha Kaledukollabedi, a movie released in 2018. Deepa took the first step in the television industry with a serial named Prem Nagar. Later, her work was widely recognized, and she got a role in a famous serial, Kavyanjali, streamed on Udaya TV. People also call her Deepa Jagadeesh. Many people are not aware of the fact that Deepa is fond of pets, especially dogs.