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Tennis Krishna Kannada Actor
Other Skills

Tennis Krishna Story coming soon.. >> Read More... Krishna was born on 15th November 1949 near the Bangalore district of Karnataka. His peculiar surname- ‘Tennis’ was attributed to him since before he became an actor, Krishna was a professional Tennis coach, teaching amateurs and schoolchildren, the basics of Tennis. As there were a lot of actors in the Kannada film industry under the name ‘Krishna’, production controllers and filmmakers began referring to him as Tennis Krishna and hence, the name stuck and it gave him such an amount of exposure that he chose Tennis as his official surname to refer to himself in the film industry. Krishna was always passionate about his acting, and his interests are evident from the fact that he was a dedicated performer in various dramas, troupes, and theaters.

It took him a lot of struggle and hard work to reach the coveted position of a film actor. His first film was released in 1990, named ‘Raja Kempu Roja’ –which was an action- thriller film, in which Tennis Krishna performed a comedy character, and this worked both to his advantage and disadvantage.

One outcome of his choice of roles was that he got typecasted as a comedy actor, and it was hard for him to find other roles. But on the upside, Krishna gets a record for acting with the famous comedy actress Rekha Das Rekha Das is an Indian Actress in the Kannada film >> Read More... Rekha Das in a total of ninety-nine movies! In 1992, He shared the screen with the legendary actor Dr. Rajkumar in the film ‘Jeevanachaitra’. ‘Appa Nanjappa Maga Gunjappa’ was the first film in which he was featured as the lead actor. All his movies were made in the Kannada language. Until now, Tennis Krishna has acted in a whopping amount of three hundred and fifty films and apart from acting, he has also worked in several other fields of movie making, and he even performed as a singer in many movies, the most popular among which is ‘ Veera Madakari Click to look into! >> Read More... Veera Madakari ’ in 2009.