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Minchu is a drama series which got aired on the Colors Kannada (part of the ETV Network) channel. This is a Kannada language series which got broadcasted on weekdays from Monday to Friday in the 9:00 to 9:30 PM time slot. It premiered on national television on 19th February 2007. It has gotten produced by the renowned production company Bhoomika, which belongs to T.N. Sitaram. They had delivered other great hits like Muktha and Manvantara in the past which have enraptured and enthralled the audiences to no certain extent.

The responsibility of directing this saga belongs to Prashant Haldodderi, one of the most famous names in the Kannada television industry. The well-known writer JayanthKaikini has gotten entrusted with penning the title song for the series while C. Ashwath has created the musical score for the show. The story of the serial follows the conflict which arises when choosing between money as opposed to what matters to the heart. The story follows the path of a man who decides to kill his own wife to gain her property for himself. As the narrative continues, we come face to face with the various conflicts which arise within traditional families.

The viewers get exposed to the various pressures which get imposed within an expanding corporate conglomerate as well as the repercussions it has on traditional middle-class families, along with the games which individuals need to play for survival. The serial soon became one of the most loved and viewed shows all over the state of Karnataka. The story revolves around two families. The first one belongs to the upper-class society whereas the other one belongs to the middle-class society.

The middle-class family has to undergo severe hardships and face extreme levels of cruelty. These are enough to break any person and make him go insane. The family continues to try and earn riches and lead a happy life. They get convinced that money can solve their life’s problems and bring them happiness once again. What follows is a treacherous journey which explores the psyche of a man pushed to the brink. The story is a gripping narrative with a lot of drama, thrills and quite a lot of sentimental value as well.

The lead character in this saga is Shankar Das Shankar Das is an actor from India. He was born in >> Read More... . He successfully establishes his mark within the business of supplying surgical instruments. What unfolds ahead forms the crux of this tale which makes audience members think and sit up and take notice.


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