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Kannada Movie Actress Apoorva Bharadwaj
  • Gender : Female
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After pursuing her advancement, she moved to Mangaluru for a master’s in reporting at ManipalAcademy. Her purpose was to toil on the practical features of tv. So, in the beginning, she began as a task creator in the Second Season of Kannada Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... realism show and later became specialist for production houses. 

Like many others before her, performing was not something she was fascinated about until she was requested to interview for a teleserial. And to Apoorva S. Bharadwaj’s astonishment, she had presented the lead part in Anuroopa two years ago. The rest is tv history she has already performed in four tv series comprising her current undertaking Satyam Shivam Sundaram 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' was a Telugu lang >> Read More... on Star Suvarna. Apoorva shares with Bengaluru Record how her small screen journey has been, from behind the lens to confronting it as a performer, and more.

After she completed her master’s, she had selected a distinctive path, beginning as a task creator for the prevalent reality show Bigg Boss. Then she toiled as an operator for a TV creation household. That was when the station contacted her, and to the actresses’ amazement, she presented the lead role. From toiling behind the lens to confronting it, she has relished both equally and hopes to continue performing for a long time, as she feels more relaxed acting. When she took up her first project, she would just deliver dialogue as told by the manager.

While it was fun, she would watch others laboring so hard on every part. She started taking intellectual records and instructing those distinctions into her presentations. Apoorva has also been a commentator for a few realities displays and red-carpet proceedings. The girl who loves to resonate and is a qualified Carnatic vocalist has even played in the movie Uppina Kagadaled by the prominent filmmaker B Suresha.

It was recently broadcasted at the Bengaluru Intercontinental Film Anniversary and got sent to many movie events globally. Uppina Kagada Click to look into! >> Read More... was a huge involvement. It was notable for her to labor with such veteran artists. Nagabharana portrays her dad’s role, and they filmed the flick in remote sites for weeks with no interaction with the outside world.

She represented the character of a daughter, who is in search of a solution from her daddy, who deserted her mother and her at a premature age. In Satyam Shivam Sundaram, she performs the role of an absolute contrary character who is thoughtless by nature and bright. She has also begun writing short narratives and aims to make them into pictures when she starts volunteering into creation with her own production company.


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