Rajesh Nataranga is a famous Indian actor and writer who has gained fame through movies like Just Maath Maathali, Moggina Manasu, etc. He has also written the screenplays for few films. He is one of the gems of Kannada cinema. Born in Karnataka, Rajesh studied BSc in the National College in Basavanagudi in the city of Bangalore. While studying there, his interest in plays and dramas arose, and he joined the theater group Nataranga. Nataranga has given the industry actors like CR Simha, Lokesh, Srinath, etc. This theater group is so close to his heart that it has become an inseparable part of him. He is even popularly known as  Rajesh Nataranga.

  After learning in the theater group and finishing BSc, Rajesh joined a six-month course of computers with Aptech. But he left it soon and went to the city of Delhi. Here he started learning the management of backstage activities. His interest grew in that, and he did a good job there. After he had come back, he was so adept that he became the production manager as well as the art director of a serial “Smashna Kurukshetra” directed by MS Sathyu.  Rajesh associated himself with the popular Kannada channel Udaya TV and worked as a producer there for three and a half years. Till now he worked as a director and producer.

While he was associated with Udaya TV, a daily soap Maya Mriga was offered to him. He left Udaya TV and started working as an actor in the TV shows. Maya Mriga gave him his first break where he played the role of Sridhar Anna; he is remembered for this role till today. Rajesh also acted in the serial Shakti and played a bold character in it. He is a versatile actor and has done even a negative role in Stree. His TV shows include “Chaduranga,” “Yadva Thadva,” “Muktha), “Baduku,” etc. He has gained success from television but could not get good films to act in. He acted in movies named Rowdy Aliya, Mane Magalu Mane Magalu is a drama series which came on the ch >> Read More... Mane Magalu , etc. As many movies he did, none of them could reach the mark. Though logically he should have got many good offers as he is an overexposed face through television yet this has not happened till now.

Rajesh tried his luck in writing as well. He wrote the script of the TV show Nakku Tanti, and he flourished as a writer as well. Rajehs once revealed that television has made him more positive-minded. He has started gaining confidence about his capabilities. He wants to work more and want to write about sensitive issues.  Rajesh is the sort of actor who prefers sober and natural roles and depicts social themes. His dream is to build his production house soon which produces shows so as to bring a change in society.