Among the success stories of cinematographer turned directors, Dinesh Baboo, the Kannada film director’s is an inspiring one. He is known for all the massive hits that he directed in the Kannada film industry and also for the contribution that he made to the Malayalam film industry.

Like most directors, Dinesh Baboo, at the beginning of his film career was a cinematographer, especially for some really popular Malayalam films like Dhruvam(an action film by Joshiy) and Ullasapoonkattu(the Dileep starrer). After gaining much recognition for his talent behind the camera, Dinesh Baboo stepped in as a director for Kannada films starting with Idhu Saadhya (a film that made it to the Guinness book for being shot in 48 hours). His debut film as a director was highly acclaimed.

Post that, Dinesh saw some great success as a director in the Kannada film industry with successful movies like Suprabatha, Premotsava, Bellary Naga and Eradane Maduve under his direction.
He’s also faced the camera as an actor for the film Accident in which he played the role of a police officer. From the late 80’s to this day, Dinesh Baboo has become increasingly popular as a director with his last film Athi Aparoopa Click to look into! >> Read More... Athi Aparoopa ( a romantic film starring Prem Kumar Prem Kumar is an Indian actor working in Kannada f >> Read More... Prem Kumar and Aindrita) also getting appreciation. Dinesh has been critically acclaimed for all his work through the years, especially for all the fine artistry one notices in his films.