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‘Gupta Gamini’ was telecast on ETV Kannada. It has cast of actors like Sushma K Rao who rose to popularity with this serial. Produced by Sandhya S Pai, the serial was directed by Vijay Sarai. The series was produced under the banner Manipal Entertainment Network Ltd.  

In the year 2008, it had completed a run of five years in ETV Kannada. In the year 2003, the serial was one of the most popular TV serials in the region of Karnataka. The viewers used to sit on the idiot box for the prime time, and its popularity would stop even people moving out of the drawing room. Almost all the characters like Ajji, Sagar and Bhavana, became very popular with audiences.  

In December 2008, it had a glorious run of a total 1300 episodes which was a record-breaking figure in television series in Karnataka. People felt that it had the content which maintained its taste for Kannada viewers and that is why the serial had such a long run. For the past five years, people had watched this serial without a single break or slot in timings.

The serial gave birth to many talented actors on a small screen such as Sundarshri, Jyothi, Shankar Aryan, Grishma Uday and many other TV artists (especially Sushma K Rao). These actors were present throughout the serial since the beginning of the serial. Sushma K. Rao was chosen by the people of Karnataka as their choice through televoting and she emerged as the best actress in the year 2007 despite the serial had by then had completed a four-year run. That was the popularity of this serial in those days. In the year 2009, producer Sandhya S Pai received 'famed serial special award' which was given for the serial 'Guptagamini’.

It may be noted that Sandhya S Pai is a renowned journalist in Karnataka, and she is very popular in the media. Since making TV serials was her hobby and a favorite choice, she proved her mettle even in electronic media by producing TV serials. She even came forward in directing another serial named ‘Bidige Chandrama' However, her prominent serial ‘Guptagamini’ was famous because she wanted to portray family stories through her serials so that it could be watched by an entire family.


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