Mithun Tejasvi

Other names of Mithun Tejasvi: Mithun Tejaswi
Birthday: 15-12-1979
Age: 39
Star sign: Capricorn


Mithun Tejasvi is an Indian film actor who has majorly worked in Tamil and Kannada based movies. He was born on December 15th, 1979, in Mudigere taluk of the Chikamagalur district in Karnataka, India. He sought his school education from The Poornapraja English primary school, located in a small town called Aldur. He had to travel almost 40kms every day to reach the school which was situated on a hill, surrounded by coffee estates. He then shifted to Bangalore to complete his schooling. There, he was a student of The National College, which is famed for being established by well-known educationalist H Narasimhaiah. During his school days, he met a relative Mr. Ramesh Rao, who was a screenplay writer. Thus, he started spending a lot of time on different movie sets & came across many interesting people. When he was 16, he was spotted by a camera man Mr. Sundernath Suvarna, and was offered a role by him in the movie “Marikannu Horimyaage.” The role required him to play the heroin’s brother’s role and his screen time was around 10-15 minutes. This small yet worthy experience was very enriching for Tejaswi. He was offered his second role in the movie “Aryabhata” with Ramesh Aravind and Late Soundarya. In the movie, he asked by Ramesh Aravind himself to play the role of his brother. While working for this movie, he found his calling in acting and decided to make it his profession.

Therefore, instead of continuing his studies, he went on to pursue acting. To further his acting skills, he shifted to Chennai and started training at the Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu (FTIT). While pursuing his studies in Chennai, he ventured to create many contacts in Tamil film industry. Immediately after completing his course, he landed a role in the Kannada movie, “Haalu Sakkare”. After Haalu Sakkare, he acted in Tamil movies like Suki S. Murthi’s debut film Gummalam, Kanmani’s Aaha Ethna Azagu, which literally means Wow! What Beauty, and Arunmoorthy’s unreleased film Wullam. There was a recognizable improvement in his performance from one movie to another. In 2006, he bagged a role in the movie 7’O clock in Kannada. This role gave him the required recognition and acclaim by the movie industry. On 26 March 2006, Tejasvi married a software engineer named Rohini. He is currently working on a Tamil based television sitcom which airs on SunTV titled- Apoorva Raagangal. After the movie 7’O clock, Tejaswi did many notable movies like Lena Muvendhar’s Kannukulle (2009) and director Shankar’s debut film Antharathma (2010), which was an adaptation of the Oscar-winning Hollywood film titled Ghost. His latest blockbuster was a Tamil movie called Inippu Pulippu, a family entertainer which was released in 2014. Tejaswi continues to be an acclaimed actor of the South Indian film industry.

Loknath Kannada Actor


Loknath is a veteran Kannada actor who is also known by his another name ’uncle Loknath’ in the industry had earlier participated in many theater and stage plays too. He worked with B V Karanth, the doyen of Kannada theater in plays like Ghost and Oedipus. Theatre audiences still remember him for playing the role of Othello on stage even. That is his charismatic image he had left in the theater world for theater buffs. Even for moviegoers, his roles in films like Nagarahavu as a principal or even as a cobbler in Bhutayyana Maga Ayyu. Having noticed in small roles, he appeared in over 650 films and acted in more than 100 plays. From an insignificant role of a cobbler or a principal, he landed up doing some character roles. He appeared in father role that remains an immortal character in the Kannada cinema. Some of the prominent fatherly roles he appeared include films like Hosa Neeru, Bili Hendti, Bhagya Jyothi, and Katha Sangama. The actor’s first film offer was Samskara directed by Pattabhirama Reddy; later he evolved as an actor with the backing of a full script in the film Gejje Pooje directed by Kanagal. He also appeared in some episodes of actor-director Shankar Nag's television serial Malgudi Days, based on R K Narayan's novel. The familiar face of Kannada cinema discontinued acting in dramas because as his age crept in and he was losing the power of memory in speaking dialogues. He had many ups and downs in his health issues like a mild heart attack, few accidents in the sets of shooting, but that did not put behind the actor on reaching his goal in a career. After 2012, he almost quit acting and leads a non-hectic life. He is 86-years old now almost leading a retired life away from light, action and camera.


Musuri Krishnamurthy

Musuri Krishnamurthy is an Indian film actor, producer, and director, who predominantly work in the Kannada film industry. He became popular as a comedian. He was born on March 10, 1930, to Subbamma and B.S. Vishweshwaraiah. Ever since his childhood, Musuri showed interest in singing and acting. When he attended the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, he performed in front of Musiri Subramania Iyer, a renowned Carnatic vocalist, together with Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, the previous Maharaja of Mysore. Both were impressed by his performance and the latter compared his voice to Musiri Subramania Iyer. Since then, he became popular as Musuri Krishnamurthy. Musuri was debuted in the 1943 Kannada musical drama film, Vani; a film that also marks the debut of Pandari Bai. In a span of ten years, he consistently appeared in many films including Mangala Gowri (1953), Kanyadana (1954), and Kokilavaani (1956), from which he was debuted as a lead actor. After that, he started to assist top directors like Shankar Singh, B.R. Panthulu, B. Vittalacharya, and much more. Aside from that, he assisted Kanagal Prabhakara Shastry, a renowned lyricist, and director, who taught him the art of writing poems. During those times, filmmaking was not so popular. So, he shifted to the theater and worked with popular theater troupes. In the year 1962, he established his own drama troupe, which he called Amba Prasada Nataka Mandali. However, due to expenses issues, he ceased the group and returned to films in 1966. On his return to the big screen, he played supporting roles, villain, and also a comedian. He earned fame as Connection Kalappa in the 1978 Kannada film, Paduvaaralli Pandavaru. Musuri established the Yashaswini Enterprises, a production company, who produced S. Shivakumar’s Number 5 Ekka. He later appeared in several films including Dharmasere, Guru Shishyaru, Ranganayaki, Mullina Gulabi, Nanna Devaru, Kaviratna Kalidasa, Ibbani Karagithu, Gandharva Giri, Bandhana, and his last appearance was in Vijay’s Veeradhi Veera in the year 1985. He got married to Susheelamma, and they have three children namely Gurudutt, Jayasimha, and Vishalakshi Krishnamurthy. Gurudutt and Jayasimha are now handling the Yashaswini Enterprises and already produced more than 25 films. Jayasimha earned recognition for resembling his father in terms of comedy. On March 16, 1985, Musuri died at the age of 55. A Road (Ring Road) in Bangalore City was named Nata Chanakya Musuri Krishnamurthy as an honour for his contributions to the Kannada film and theatre industry.

Musuri Krishnamurthy Kannada Actor