Instances of siblings from the next generation of filmy families continuing to work in films, is a well established tradition in Bollywood. Such examples are however not very frequent in southern film circles. The case of Aditya, the third generation film hero in Kannada films falls in this category. Aditya’s father happens to be S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu is an acclaimed screenwr >> Read More... Singh who has been a director of Kannada Films for so long. Aditya’s younger sister also happens to be a Kannada film actress.

Incidentally, it was not with acting that Aditya had started his career. Aditya's career began at the age of 21 when he started producing some of the films directed by his father. His father perhaps thought this to be a more secure method of getting him into the industry. However, it came as a pleasant surprise to all when Aditya won the National award for the best film for his very first venture, “Mungarina Minchu”. He then went on to produce 6 more films as a producer. Having secured his foothold in the industry, he then joined an acting course at the KNK Acting School (the private institute whose alumni reads like a veritable “who is who” in Bollywood). Having prepared himself thus, he took the first measured steps towards acting in films and commenced his acting career in 2004 with the film “Love”, which was a forerunner of several more successful commercial movies. His father, however, had not taken any chances with his debut film, “Love” and had included famous names from the Kannada and Bollywood film worlds in the credits, including those of Amrish Puri and Anu Malik. All this paternal support stood him in good stead and a few films later in 2005. His portrayal of the protagonist in the film “Deadly Soma” brought him to the top levels of stardom.

After a string of moderate successes spanning around 20 films, including those in other southern languages, Aditya took a sabbatical for a year and is back in 2015, preparing hard for the much touted “Rakthaksha”, directed by his father, which he wants to be another landmark in his career. His fans have to wait and see the results of this latest collaboration between father and son.

Another Version Of Aditya:

Aditya, is a Kannada film star born on 4 May 1978. His father is a famous Kannada director MR. S V Rajendra Singh Babu and mother is Anuradha. He did his schooling in Mysore and later in ST.Joesph’s College in Bangalore. Auditya made his debut in the industry with ‘Love’ that was directed by his father. At a young age of 21, he became a ramp model in Bombay and later started to get offers from the Film industry. He then joined an acting course at Kishore Namith Kapoor Acting School where he got trained to act in films. The movie ‘Mungarina Minchu’ won him the national award. Some of his notable works include ‘Deadly Soma’, ‘Ambi’ and ‘Mohini’. He has also produced seven films. When he produced ‘Mungarina Minchu’, he was just 23 years old and became the youngest producer in Karnataka to win an award. In his debut film itself, he gained the chance of working with noted actors like Mohan Lal, Rakshitha, and Amrish Puri. Later in 2005, he had his next lead, ’Deadly Soma’ where he played a protagonist and gained critical acclaim as well as fame among the public. Auditya also became the second leading man playing a negative role in a Tamil movie starring Simbu.

In yet another film directed by Satya, Auditya portrayed a dual role. He feels that his character, film and everything about it is unique and different. He is also the part of ‘Edegaarike’ which is a novel based flick directed by Sumana Kittur. Aditya, has also done several other notable movies including ‘Rebel’, 'Rascal’, ’Kakhi’. He has been popular as an action hero among his fans. Aditya, has also been recognized as the latest Kannada actor to venture in other languages. In the recent Tamil release, ’Vaalu’, he played an antagonist that was a success after which he got the lead role in a different Tamil movie. Apart from Kannada and Tamil, Auditya was approached for a recent Telugu film ‘ Kick 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. But since he had committed to another deal, he couldn’t accept the offer. In the earlier days of his career, he played a lead in the Hindi film “AK47.” This was the remake of the Kannada movie with the same title.

As of now, three different generations of Auditya’s family have produced ninety- nine Kannada films through his banner ‘Mamatha pictures’. Currently, he is working on his hundredth movie under this banner.

Rockline Venkatesh Kannada Actor

Rockline Venkatesh

            Rockline Venkatesh is an actor, director, film producer and a businessman. Venkatesh is the owner and founder of ‘Rockline Productions’ which is one of India’s biggest film production and Distribution Company. Under his banner, more than 25 movies have been released since 2012. Rockline Venkatesh started his career in year 1996 with the movie, ‘Ayudha’ where he co-produced.              He started making movies with real life incidents and remakes of other languages as well. He was one of the top producers and directors in Kannada movie industry. He has worked with some of the big shots of Kannada industry like, ‘Shivaraj Kumar, Ambareesh, Vijay, Upendra, Dr.Vishnuvardhan’ and many other super stars. He has also worked with some top directors like, ‘Om Prakash Rao, D.Rajendra Babu, MS Rajashekar, Mehar Ramesh’ and many more.             There are several stand out movies that is launched under the banner of Rockline Productions, some of the super hit movies are ‘Yaare Neenu Cheluve’, ‘Preethse, Dakota Express’, ‘Ajay’ and many more. Rockline Venkatesh has given Kannda industry some superb movies but in the recent time period, Rockline is working with Bollywood and other industries as well. Rajnikanth’s last movie ‘Lingaa’ was produced by Rockline Productions and it was a super hit at the box office.             Rockline Venkatesh has invested huge sum of money in Bollywood, as he produced ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, in this movie Salman Khan is doing the lead. The movie has been released and Rockline Productions has rocked Bollywood with superstar ‘Salman Khan’. Seeing his career achievements, Rockline Venkatesh is a proud son of India. He is doing fabulous job in the recent times.



Actor Udaykumar went on to give memorable and sensitive portrayals in a career that spanned four decades in Kannada cinema. Udaykumar, Dr. Rajkumar, and Kalyan Kumar were fondly called by the industry folk as Kumar-trios. In those days, all the three Kumars were inseparable in Kannada films. It was not possible to imagine any film without one Kumar at least. Udaykumar had acted in 36 films with Kannada actor Dr. Rajkumar. While Dr. Rajkumar was cast in protagonist character, Udaykumar was seen playing antagonist roles in every film. The actor used to act in his terms, and he seemed to appeal to the audiences who seemed to like him for doing negative characters. The audience simply loved him playing any character. Besides being an actor, he took an interest in producing movies too. He was an excellent writer and even had authored many dramas and books. The actor made his debut in acting in 1956 through a film ‘Bhagyodaya’. This film changed the course of Udaykumar’s life The success of this film led to him being in doing more number of films, and there was no looking back. When three Kumars( Rajkumar, Udaykumar and Kalyan Kumar) were established actor, the three actors shared screen presence in a film ‘Bhoodaana’ and the film was a super hit. His rise to fame turned him into a producer even. He made those films that were unusual in scripts and appeared a bit different from other films. This established him well in Kannada film industry. He was different from other actors. He was not a superstar but achieved stardom easily. Most of his films fared well at box office and even received critical acclaim too. He acted in the film ‘School Master’ (1958), which was the first Kannada film to celebrate the silver jubilee. He even appeared in guest roles in some movies. Udayakumar was born in Madras on 5 March 1933. He died at a young age when he was just 52. He passed away on 26 December 1985.

Udaykumar Kannada Actor