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Yashode is being telecast on E TV at 9 pm from Monday to Friday. It is the story of golden love, you can say. The hero of this story, Aditya owns a gold jewellery shop and the heroine, Yashode( ' Neetha Neetha is a well known Kannada small screen as wel >> Read More... ') is considered as a golden girl by all because she is the world for her mother and her mother is the world for her. Sharadha is a mother, with a single daughter. Nobody knows about her past. She works in a bank. Her daughter Yashode is everything for her. Yashode, on the other hand, considers herself to be Sharadha’s mother. She knows that her mother has suffered a lot in life.

So she stands as a support for her mother. Aditya, a jeweller belongs to a well to do joint family. He is handling the family business very well. Due to his success in an early age the other members of his family are jealous of him, especially an aunt of Aditya, who has a mentally challenged son. She always taunts Aditya’s grandfather, father and mother in front .of everybody telling that the family has done injustice to her son. Aditya is fed up with such an irritating family. Sharadha and Yashode purchase a house on the beach side and shift to it. Sharadha is tired of living in rented houses. She thinks that she cannot save more money if she lives in rented houses because all her money goes into the rent. So she and Yashode save enough money and purchase an old house. They consider themselves lucky for getting this house. One day when there was a festival going on, on the beach side, Aditya accidentally throws colour on Yashode. When he asks for forgiveness she replies by asking him a question. she just asks Aditya about the whereabouts of her father as she was completely immersed in her own problems.

He feels surprised, but Aditya is immediately attracted to Yashode. He doesn’t know that Yashode is disturbed because people keep asking her about her father, whom she herself doesn't know about. Aditya falls in love with Yashode. The story continues as Aditya tries to woo Yashode. He is surprised to see the love between mother and daughter. But he likes the way Yashode takes care of her mother. Aditya himself is from a very big family but there he has not got enough love, as all the members are busy in their own lives. The future episodes show how this sweet but mature relationship grows. Actor : Karthik Attavar Karthik Attavar or also known as Karthik Banjan is >> Read More...

Another version of this story...

Yashode serial was telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Friday at 9pm. It was started on 7th July’2014 and has completed the 62nd episode as on 29th September’2014. Yashode serial was directed by Vinod V Dhondale and produced by Narahari Rao and Nayudu. Madhura Somayaji and Vikas have written the story, screenplay and dialogues of this serial. Praveen D Rao has composed the music and Vikas has written the lyrics. C.Nagaraj has worked as the cameraman of this serial. 'Namrata', 'Karthik Attavar', 'Neetha' etc. have acted in this serial.

Yashode is the story of the single mother Yashoda and her daughter Nithya and about the hidden truth of the heartbreaking past which unfolds between them. Nithya and Yashoda share a precious and deep relationship that is brought in an expressive way in this serial. A child loves her mother most, if she happens to be a single mother and their bond becomes strongest as they become the only world to each other. But when the past comes to their front, that is not nice, how it affects their relationship is the plot of this serial. It is about the beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter and how these people sail through the difficult times. This is the first time that a serial based on social issues and such a kind of fascinating relationship is being telecasted on a Kannada channel.




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