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Drew Goddard is a well-known American film and TV writer, director, and producer. His full name is Andrew Brion Hogan Goddard. He was born in Houston, Texas in the United States to Dr. Laurence Woodbury Goddard and Colleen Mary, a teacher. He was raised at Los Alamos, New Mexico. He studied at Los Alamos High School and graduated in the year 1993. After that, Drew attended the University of Colorado. After his graduation, Drew worked as a production assistant in Los Angeles. Drew wrote his first unsolicited script for the Television drama series of 2011. The script got landed up with the two executive producers of another TV shows- Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its sister series Angel. Joss Whedon Joseph Hill Joss Whedon was born on 23 June 1964 i >> Read More... , creator of the show, decided to hire Drew Goddard as the staff writer for the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Goddard wrote five episodes for the concluding season and his writings were highly appreciated.

He won an award for Best Dramatic Presentation for the “Conversations with Dead People” chapter. This episode also won the Best Episode in SyFy Portal Genre Award. After the conclusion of the show, Goddard went over to work with Angel TV series team as an executive story editor for the season five. He has also penned down the introduction for the Seven Season of Buffy book. After that, he worked in the Alias television series of J.J.Abrams. He was the co-producer for one season and wrote several episodes including the finale of the series. Alias was about an international female spy. Abrams was impressed with Drew’s work and took him on board as a writer and supervising producer for the third season of his popular television series Lost. During the mid of the third season of the Television series, Drew was promoted to the post of an Executive Producer. This season of ‘Lost’ was also very popular. For the third season,

Drew along with the rest of his writing team won Writers Guild of America Award in 2006 for Best Dramatic Series and was nominated again for the next three years in a row. Goddard made his Hollywood debut and wrote his first feature film Cloverfield in 2008. Cloverfield was again produced by J.J.Abrams and directed by Matt Reeves Matthew George Reeves is an American director, wri >> Read More... . Cloverfield was a thriller / monster horror film. It won Best Science Fiction Film Saturn Award from the Academy of Science, Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. It was named as the fifth best film of 2008 by Empire. He shifted from writer’s chair to director’s chair with The Cabin in the Woods in 2012. He also co-wrote the screenplay of a movie with Joss Whedon. The Cabin in the Woods was a film of the horror genre. The movie won many awards including British Fantasy Award, Fangoria ChainsawAward (in 4 categories), Golden Trailer Award, Kansas City Film Critics Circle, and Saturn Award. It was also featured on 2012 list of Metacritic’s best films. In 2013, Drew wrote the script for the picture World War Z Click to look into! >> Read More... with screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan, and American writer Damon Lindelof Damon Lindelof was born in New Jersey, U.S. on 24t >> Read More... . The film was directed by Marc Forster and starred William Brad Pitt, Marie Mireille Enos, James Badgett Dale, and Matthew Chandler Fox. Goddard also wrote the screenplay of the movie adaption of the Andy Weir’s novel The Martian Click to look into! >> Read More... . He was also interested in directing the film but dropped it because of the conflicts in scheduling. The film was then directed by Ridley Scott Sir Ridley Scott is a British film producer and a >> Read More... and released in 2015. For the screenplay of The Martian, Goddard received an Academy Award. He was also associated with the TV series Marvel’s Daredevils for some time in 2015.


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