Damon Lindelof English Actor

Damon Lindelof was born in New Jersey, U.S. on 24th April 1973. He is a Writer and Producer by profession and people remember him for the creation of the television show, “Lost” which aired its first episode in 2004 and the last in 2010. His mother Susan Klausner is a Teacher and his father David Lindelof is a Bank Manager. He received his primary education from Teaneck High School, which had students from diverse cultures and helped him to grow as a writer. He later studied at New York University where he learned filmmaking and graduated from there. He initially worked as a reviewer for some famous studios including Paramount, Alan Ladd, and Fox. Later, he got selected as a semi-finalist for “Perfectionist” his independent screenplay.

Some of the favorite movies of Lindelof include “Pulp Fiction”, “Touch of Evil”, “The Shining”, “Bambi”, etc. He is also a TV series fan, and his favorites’ are “Breaking Bad”, “The Wire”, etc. Damon is a huge Twitter fan, and his tweets often create controversy, his tweets over “ The Dark Knight Rises Click to look into! >> Read More... The Dark Knight Rises ” and “Lost” created huge sensation worldwide; he had to shut down his twitter account following the amount of response he received over his negative remarks. Despite being a producer, he is also a comic series writer. He wrote the first edition of Wolverine vs. Hulk, in the Marvel comics. However, he could not continue writing because of his workload and had to shut down the second edition for a while. Damon is a huge ‘ Stephen King Stephen King is a renowned American novelist, colu >> Read More... Stephen King ’ fan, and one can relate many of his works as the reference to King’s novel and writings. Damon helped the writers for the “Star Trek into Darkness” released in 2013.

He wrote the storyline of the movie, “Cowboys vs. Aliens”. It is a fictional novel and did well at the theatres. The audience loved the style in which the writers wrote it and its unique style of direction. Damon’s other works include “ Prometheus Click to look into! >> Read More... Prometheus ”, “Tomorrow Land”, etc. Damon is related with movies and TV series. He created The Leftovers in 2013 which was an adaptation of the novel by ‘Tom Perrotta’ of the same name. He is the producer of the show. The show is about 140 million people who disappear from Earth in 2011 leading to an economic and religious imbalance leading to chaos and cults. It was aired on 29th June 2014 and has completed two seasons till date. In 2005, Damon married Heidi Mary Firemen, and they have a child together.