Jake La Botz English Actor
  • DOB : 23-11-1968
  • Age : 52
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Jake La Botz was born on 23 November in the year 1968. He is an American and lives in Chicago, US.

Jake is a songwriter, a singer, a meditation teacher and an actor. Jake is married to Abby Brammell. Jake dropped his school at the age of 15. Later, he attended Shimer College that was in Waukegan in Illinois. Jake used to do punk shows, go to camps and visit libraries. He had to struggle very long to achieve his ambitions. He did the job of a boilermaker, a roofer, a writer and sometimes a graphite factory worker. Along with his job, he used to learn to play guitar. He played on the streets. He used to do performances in the barrelhouse of New Orleans in Chicago.

The bluesman used to teach him to play guitar. They were from Chicago of prewar times. The names of those bluesmen were David Edwards, M.S.J Davis, and H.James. Jake toured many countries for many years. From 2006, he has been famous for 'Tattoo Across America Tour'. He is called so for his performances in tattoo parlor across the country. Besides a guitarist and a performer, Jake is a great composer. His many of the compositions are very popular on television shows and many films.

Then, Jake started his career as an actor. Jake was successful in driving Steve Buscemi On December 13, 1957, a Friday, in Brooklyn, New Y >> Read More... Steve Buscemi ’s attention towards himself. Steve is an actor, a director, and a filmmaker. Steve cast Jake in his film named 'Animal Factory' in 2000. Jake has also sang two original songs in the movie titled as Lay Down The Bottle and This Ain't the Way I Came Up. He came up with more movies in the next years. Jake performed in an art house film titled as 'Ghost World'. He appeared in 'Lonesome Jim' that was directed by Steve Buscemi. Jake sung two songs from his album in Rambo Dir. Jake played an another song Hard To Love What You Kill in the movie 'Vampire Hunter'. Later, in 2015 Jake played a lead role in the film named as 'The Grace of Jake', which was directed by Chris Hicky.

Jake has also done television shows like 'True Detective' in which he has played the role of Conway Twitty. Jake has done many theater shows. He did an original stage performance playing the role of a devil in 'The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County'. Since 2001, Jake has been studying meditation.