Dana Gaier English Actress
Other Skills

Born on 30th August 1997, Dana Gaier is a songwriter, singer, and actor. She has made her identity by lending her voice in many movies. Dana was born in New Jersey, the United States in 1997. Since a very young age, she had an interest in imitating voices. At the age of 11, Dana heard that the directors of ‘Despicable Me’ are auditioning people for different voices. She wanted to audition for this flick but couldn’t appear as she had her school camp scheduled during those days only. Once she returned, she got to know that the auditions hasn’t ended yet and the director still haven’t found a suitable voice for the character of Edith Gru. She directly went to the record office for the audition and impressed the casting crew with her voice.

The whole cast was shocked to see a little girl having so many voice modulations and performing so effortlessly. Dana succeeded in grabbing that role. And that was just the beginning for this young child. During one of the promotion events of ‘Despicable Me,’ she went on gave an overview of the character ‘Edith,’ whose dialogs were being spoken by Dana. She said the Edith Gru is a strong tough but an emotional girl. She found a lot of positivity in this character and believed that this might influence the young generation watching the movie. She dubbed for Edith in Los Angeles. Dana is a born singer and loves to play guitar. At the age of 15, she made both her singing and acting debut in a documentary named ‘Bullied.’ Producers of this documentary were MTV in collaboration with Firecracker Films.

In this documentary Dana sung her sung ‘Take Control,’ and played her guitar. This song increased her popularity. Despicable Me was a big hit, and in 2013, it’s sequel with a name Despicable Me 2 was released. Dana again lent her voice to the character of Edith Gru in this flick. Many producers have approached he with acting offers, and the credit goes to her Hazel colored eyes which are beautiful. Also, her brown colored hair compliments her eyes. Currently, Dana hosts her website where she advises and guides teenagers. She listens to their problem and tries to find a solution. Dana is also an advocate running an Anti-bullying campaign. She wants to progress in her career and side by side become the voice of today’s youth.