English Singer ( 0 - 12 )

Himesh Jitendra Patel

Seema Rahmani


Singer Elevates The Song

The people who give their voice to a song are called singers or vocalists. They produce music with their own voice and vocalize musical sounds with pitch and tone. Singers are required in every entertainment programme- opera and orchestra, musical bands, concerts, films, radio, television soaps and reality shows, advertisement and the like. Professional singers are generally trained and have the knowledge of the equipment that the music industry needs.

The theatrical singers have their own coach and know the background of the play so as to produce the appropriate music. Theatre singers are naturally loud, and the ones who perform at a larger platform, have a lot of experience to perform at one shot. The Opera singers are specialised theatrical singers who sing in a typical home theatre environment that they are employed by.

They need to pay special attention to their costumes since they have to perform on the stage in front of a large number of people. The playback singers are the ones who sing for movies or albums. The typical workflow is that the music composer gives them the song and after knowing the background of the song from the movie’s director and the actors who the singer will be voicing for, the sing hits the studio. The song is recorded along with the musicians.

There are times that the singers sit with the sound editor and edit the song. Multiple takes are possible in this case, unlike theatre or concerts. The singers need to know the technicalities involved in the recording of the songs. There are songs where the video features the singers as well- in this case they need to go through the styling phase as well since they will be facing the camera as well.