Green was destined to Jewish ancestors and accomplished adolescence in Mamaroneck, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . Green is the maker and columnist of the 2009 NBC adjustment Kings, an appearance in ablaze of the scriptural adventure of King David yet set in acting present. Green's added TV credits absorb Smallville, Heroes, Jack and Bobby, Ever wood, and Sex and the City. In 2012, he composed, and officially created a pilot for ABC advantaged Gotham and was an official maker on the ABC adjustment The River. Green's aspect credits absorb Green Lantern Click to look into! >> Read More... Green Lantern .

In 2007, Michael, alongside for the Heroes staff, was assigned for Outstanding Drama Series from Emmy Awards and for New Series received the WGA Award. At the 33rd annual People's Choice Awards, his movie Legends won the account for Favorite New TV Drama He has composed or co-composed four movies absolved or set in 2017, Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, James Man gold’s Logan, Kenneth Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express and Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049.He is additionally co-designer, co-essayist and co-official maker of the up and advancing adjustment American Gods, abutting by Bryan Fuller.

The orientation adapted from Neil Gaiman's atypical of an agnate name. He worked for the show The Cupid which is a television series as a Writer. For the play Alien Covenant, he served as a writer. Michael Green's administration in the banana book apple was Batman: Lovers and Madmen, composed for DC Comics. Following that, Green started simple for the ages to ages DC assembly Superman/Batman, with affair #44 for alpha. Presently he was abutting by columnist Mike Johnson.

Calm they took an attempt at Superman/Batman through #63.They after formed the a fresh on the 2011 reboot of Super girl (issues #0-#12). He worked for the play American gods as a developer, writer, and executive producer. He also paved for Green Lantern as a writer. Apart from cinematography he also wrought with several Bibliographies. They include Batman lovers and Mad Men in the year 2008 with Dennis Cowan. In 2008 along with Mike Johnson for Superman/ Batman: The search for kryptonite. He also joined with Mike Johnson for the year 2009 for Superman/ Batman finest worlds.

He received Emmy awards for the movie heroes as an outstanding drama series. He shared the award along with the executive producer and co-producer of the play. In 2007 as a writer from Guild of America award host the new series heroes.

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