English Script Supervisor ( 0 - 5 )

Nicholas Stoller

John Powers Middleton

James Cameron

James Wan


A Script Supervisor is also known as Continuity Supervisor

A Script Supervisor is also known as Continuity Supervisor. He is a person who ensures the continuity of the movie in all terms such as makeup, wardrobe, actions of the artist etc. He acts as the representative of the editor & writer and is of huge help to the director of the movie. His primary purpose is to avoid any errors in the filming process and to ensure the continuity of filming.

He is responsible for holding the current or ongoing version of the script which is scheduled for shoot on a particular day. He has to prepare production reports which consists of the time details and the amount of work done on a given date and submit the same to the production company on a daily basis.

He also helps the camera man with setting of axis and angle for shooting a scene in the best possible way by covering all the actors on set.