Rishi Rich is a popular music producer. He was born as Rishpal Singh Rekhi in Croydon, England and he is based in London. He started his career in the Asian Underground until he earned worldwide popularity for his Bhangra tracks, Indian R&B fusion music, and Hindi remixes. He co-produced and worked with a variety of talented Asian artists in the UK. In 2003, he signed a management contract with the independent record label, 2Point9 Records.

Subsequently, he founded the Rishi Rich Project, who aims to showcase aspiring artists. It became popular in the Asian Underground scene, where they also popularize the Indian R&B fusion. Rishi Rich Project’s debut single entitled Dance with You (Nachna Tere Naal) was released in the year 2003, which features Jay Sean and Juggy D. The song won the UK Asian Music Awards for Best Single R&B in 2003 and was ranked number two in the Dutch Top 40 and number 12 at the UK Singles Charts. In the year 2007, he departed with 2Point9 Records, which also marks the end of the Rishi Rich Project. Since then, Jay Sean and Juggy D became one of the most successful artists in Asia and UK respectively. The Rishi Rich Project reunites with the two in 2015 with the single, Freak. Richi’s first solo album was entitled Simply Rich, which turned out to be a huge success in Asia.

This led to several hit singles like Nahin Tere Jeha Hor Disda and Nahin Jeena. His second solo album, The Project, was released in 2006. The song, Push It Up (Aaja Kuriye) took the no. 1 spot on BBC Asian Network Chart. Rishi co-founded the Rishi Rich Productions (RRP) in the year 2007, together with Waleed Jahangir, an entertainment entrepreneur. Artists like Veronica Mehta, Juggy D, Tasha Tah, Abbas Hasan, H-Dhami, etc. has signed to RRP. Rishi won the UK Asian Music Awards for Best Producer in 2003 and 2009 for his work in H-Dhami’s debut album.

He also produced songs for Bollywood films like Eyes on You for Amitabh Bachchan’s Boom (2003); Mere Dil Vich Hum Tum for the romantic comedy film, Hum Tum (2004); One Night for the comedy film, Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005); and Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Remix) for the comedy thriller film, Jackpot (2013). In 2014, he shifted to Atlanta and signed to Teddy Riley Music Group (owned by Teddy Riley) after he acquired the OnlyChild Records. Rishi got married to Manrina Rhode in September 2011. Manrina works as a dentist.

Sirena Liu English Actress

Sirena Liu

Sirena Liu aka Yan Liu or Liu Yan is an established personality in the film industry and is also a part of the television industry. She is a well-known producer in China. She founded the “FilmWorks Company”, China, in 2010, and worked as its president. Sirena completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in history from the Anhui University of Education, China. She did B.A in Journalism from Renmin University, Beijing and later her Masters in Business Administration from Claremont Graduate University, California. She initially worked as the director of business development for SEEC media group- an international magazine publishing house. Then she worked for Columbia pictures in Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. It was here that she contributed for films such as “Kung Fu Panda” and “Ultraviolet”. Liu began her career in the entertainment industry in 2005. She was the Director of Strategic Development for Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment. The enterprise was a Public Invested Entertainment Company in China. It had a number of theatre chains operating under it. The unit was engaged in Financing, Production, Distribution, and Exhibition. Liu was constantly working on its Corporate Strategy, Co-Productions and Investments. She created and implemented many project financing opportunities for the company. She devoted 3 years to the unit. The period from 2006-2009 was flourishing for the company. Thus, the success of Orange sky film division can be very much attributed to Sirena’s effort. After that, she headed Filmworks Company. Here she worked in partnership with major Hollywood Studios, Production Companies, and Advertisement Brands. During her directorial work period, Liu was also engaged in the production of the movie Red Cliff. It was an adventure and action packed movie by ‘John Woo’. It released in 2008. It was centered on a battle fought in China during the period between 220-280A.D. The movie had a sequel in the following year which was Red cliff II. Sirena again was the co-producer for this epic film. In 2011, Yan worked as the producer for the Television series “Tian Xing Jian”. It was based on the Chinese Tsinghua’s University. Her contribution is not limited to few but rather numerous movies. Other such movies are “Transformers 2”, Transformers  3, Transformers  4, “Ice Age 4”, “Fast & Furious 6”, “Minions”, and “Superman: Man of Steel”. In 2012, Sirena became the manager for JWT entertainment and marketing unit at Shanghai. This unit worked as brand content creation and advertising. Due to her vast experience in international and domestic film and television entertainment, she was appointed as Managing Director for 20th Century Fox Entertainment, China in 2015. She is responsible for all studio activities in media. She also supervises the Beijing’s office.


Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn or Samuel Goldfish or Mister Malaprop born to a Polish middle-class family in Warsaw is one famous Jewish American film director. His father was Aaron David Gelbfisz and mother was Hanna Reban. Goldwyn is considered to be one of the most successful independent producers in the United States. Being a much ambitious person, he left his homeland and went to the U.S to earn a better living. Gradually he acquired marketing skills and owned the position of vice president of sales in a reputed firm called the Elite Glove Company, but somewhere he was still not satisfied. Hence to quench his thirst to achieve more he came up with the idea of producing films. In 1913, along with Jesse L. Lasky, Cecil B. DE Mille, and Arthur, he ventured to propagate motion pictures of feature lengths. Finally in 1916, after being associated with the famous producers of Broadways, Edgar, and Archibald Selwyn, he succeeded in making his own enterprise named Goldwyn Pictures. Besides forging a successful career in sales, he was an ace in film production too. There are series of films to talk about under his production banner, the very first being potash and Perl mutter, released in 1923. The first thirty-five years of his career was associated with William Wyler, who directed many of his lionized productions and also with writers like Ben Hecht, Sidney Howard, Dorothy Parker and Lillian Hellman. The movie 'Arrowsmith' directed by John Ford in alliance with Goldwyn, bagged Oscar nomination for the best picture. He also received Arts Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award from the Academy of Motion picture. His drama 'The best years of our lives' also bagged the Oscar for best picture. Goldwyn has an immense contribution in making musicals too, most notably 'The guys and dolls'. The producer has also worked with actors of African-American origin which helped in bridging the cultural gaps.

Samuel Goldwyn English Actor